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April 10, 2012

Undeclared Dora War

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When the girls are watching Brinky, I tell them  to stick to Seasons 1 and 2 of Dora, because Season 3 starts stars and Diego and I hate stars and Diego.

One of the stars you have to catch is called Noisy.  There’s no reason for that.

Why would you catch this star?  You wouldn’t.  You would shoot it.

And then there’s Diego.  Diego is an interloping attention whore who claims he talks to animals.  I call bullshit.

He’s not even really Dora’s cousin like he says he is.  I’m supposed to believe he’s her cousin just because he’s got brown skin?  If Diego is really related to Dora, how come his head isn’t shaped like a bean like hers is?  Again, I call bullshit.  I hate that Dora becomes the Diego and Dora show in Season 3; did Dora need to springboard off her scrub ‘cousin’ when she was getting started?  No she did not.  Diego is the worst.  I want to feed his eyes to his stupid cat.

And don’t tell me the cat wouldn’t be into it.

If Brinky’s second word (after cat) is a swear, you can blame Diego.  And you can blame the girls, because every time I fire up the Roku to watch Dora after they’ve used it last, we’re in Season 3.  Every time.  Well, the fight’s coming out into the open next time, ladies.  Yes indeed.




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