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April 2, 2012

Not The Cat’s Pajamas

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Brinkley is sick.  It might be allergies–everything is blooming and he’s been going for evening walks with those of us dumb enough to go for evening walks when everything is blooming–but my guess is that he’s coming down with a cold.  His current nap routine is to go down around 10 am and sleep 2 1/2 to 3 hours, no second nap.  If his first nap is less than two hours and ends before noon, I’ll usually attempt an afternoon nap.  Today he went down at 9:30 at woke up screaming at 11:00–bad news all around.  When I went up to his room he wasn’t jumping at the side of his crib as usual; he was just sitting in the middle of the crib, sobbing, unhappy to be awake and unhappy about whatever internal discord woke him.  He perked up around lunchtime but was clearly flagging by 2:30, so I decided to try a second nap.  I rocked him and got him settled, then went down to clean up his lunch mess and fold the laundry.  Not three minutes later I heard the first reeowrr through the baby monitor.  I didn’t dash upstairs–no visual for you there–because there was no point.  It was a loud reeowrr and the damage would be done.  That stupid fat animal was in Brinky’s room, eeowwrring in ten second bursts spaced ten seconds apart.  What could justify that?  It had to be calling me out; I guess it picked today to fight me for real.  Not smart.  I’ll be sick in about three days or so, if my guess about Brinky’s cold is correct, but I’m not sick yet.  In a moment of inspiration I grabbed a wet dishrag out of the sink and marched upstairs.

When I opened the door, Lulu was coming out from under Brinky’s bed, mid-reeooawr.  This was a terrible tactical mistake; she should have been at the door, ready to dart past me, and not only was she still in the back half of the room, but she was also making so much noise that I could have pinpointed her blindfolded.  I hit her square in the side with the dishrag, and lunged to cut off her escape so that she was forced back under the bed.  Suddenly, we were at an impasse.  I had no sure way to drive her out, and she had no way of slipping past me in such a way as to be sure I wouldn’t get an angle on her as she passed.  I realized, too late, that all I wanted then was for her to get out.  So I started screaming GET OUT at her (the logical thing to do), and she responded every time with an impassioned AYYRROOWWERROW.  I got louder each time and so did she.  This went on for a solid two minutes.  Bear in mind that Brinky is standing in his crib, watching.  I think it could still be going just like that if I didn’t break it off.  But I ran to the bathroom to get the spray bottle (just water; I’m not actually trying to kill that thing).  Lulu took her chance to escape from the baby’s room and began pelting as fast as she could into…the bathroom?  Where I was just turning around, spray bottle in hand?  It’s true.  What more evidence did I need that she meant for this to be the day of decision?  I was so on I almost can’t believe it.  I just sprayed the bejeezus out of (into?) the cat, chasing it around the master bedroom; I must have gotten off a dozen quality shots, most at close range.  Finally the Fat One rounded back into the bathroom to scuttle under the whirlpool tub, the refuge it had been headed for earlier.  I got it five or six more times with the spray bottle as it frantically pried open the panel (velcroed shut, sort of), and then it was gone.

Brinky is watching Dora now.  Needless to say, I couldn’t put him right back in his crib after all that excitement.  I’m going to make another attempt in a few minutes.  On balance, though, I’m pretty sure I won this round.




  1. Oh, I’d say you definitely won. I’ll stop taking the allergic baby on walks in the evenings. I just think he likes outside so much, but I guess we all (if we have allergies) have to learn that sometimes it’s not an option. I hope he agrees to a bit more of a nap.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — April 2, 2012 @ 15:41 | Reply

  2. And that’s why I’m not a cat person. I’m literally reading this post as I’m cheering you on “Get it Lee! Get that damn cat!”. I think this in part comes from the fact that I really dislike cats (and am allergic to them) and also because I have seemingly made a career out of caring for babies (both my own and my friends). I know how infuriating it is to have a sick baby you have just rocked to sleep be awakened suddenly. Hope the little guy is feeling better today.

    Comment by Lisa — April 4, 2012 @ 07:32 | Reply

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