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March 22, 2012

CNBC Decoded

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CNBC is at it again this morning.  The headline is gloom-and-doom from an economist (suggesting that anything economists say is news is a stretch in itself), a fellow named Rosenberg (never heard of him) from some Canadian company, Gluskin Sheff (never heard of it).  Here’s the headline:


I love it.  Just ‘Rosenberg,’ like we have any idea who this guy is.  Rosenberg probably doesn’t know who Rosenberg is.  Let me translate the headline nonetheless:


The context: the Dow is up more than 60% since Obama took office.  That’s a tough number to spin.  Does Obama deserve the credit?  I certainly don’t think so.  But Republicans need something to blame him for, and +60% is an ugly number–from their perspective.  It’s a weak sixty percent, though, at least according to some guy from Canada.  Who may or may not be Larry Kudlow in a fat suit.




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