Mr. Sensitive

February 23, 2012

A Real Career

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Hey, Gail, how’s it going?  Looks like you were too busy copying off Dennis’ paper to remember to put your bra on this morning, and now you’re just pointing every which way.

Seems like Dennis is cool with it, though.  I’ve been a Dennis before, long ago.  More Dennis in the top two panels than Dennis at the bottom, but in all fairness to the Gails I’ve known, my expectations were a lot lower than his seem to be.

I come away from this more than a little confused, though.  Am I supposed to feel sorry for Dennis because Gail is playing him?  Am I supposed to feel sorry for Gail because she feels like she has to live without much-needed underwire and copy off dudes’ papers to get ahead in the world?  I don’t feel sorry for either of them.  They look good, they get paid, they get laid.  If I have to pick a side, I pick Gail.  I doubt she’s playing Dennis the way she thinks she is.  Look at him.  He knows what’s up.  And listen to that fake hesitation: “Gail, I…I love you…”  Is there any way he’s not full of shit?  “I love you?”  She’s going to give it up for “I love you” and “I’ll pretend I don’t see you copying off my paper”?  Way to reach for the stars, Gail.

Maybe he doesn’t know you’re using him, Gail, but he doesn’t even suspect?  Come on, girl, think!  That’s why you have to copy off Dennis’ paper; you’re not using your head.  Maybe you really did forget your bra if that’s how clueless you are.  But all’s fair, right?  You’re using him to further your career, he’s using your career to get into your pants, everybody wins.  Except for he’s still got a better job, and he always will, because he’s a man.

Oh, Gail.  If that wasn’t such a fabulous vest in the second panel, I’d feel like you were heading for a life of disappointment.


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  1. You’re funny.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — February 23, 2012 @ 13:01 | Reply

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