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February 10, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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Did this feel like a big up week or did it not?  It did.  Was it a big up week?  It was not.  The markets were flat to down on the week; the worthless Greeks are setting their crap on fire again and that’s always good for a hundred-point hit to the Dow.  Nevertheless, during the week we hit new multi-year highs on the Nasdaq and the Dow, with the S&P coming close before Friday’s selloff.  The Nasdaq is at its highest level in a decade, just under 3,000.  (Remember when it peaked above 5,000 in March 2000?  Unless Apple’s next product is the iWarp Drive, we’re not getting back there anytime soon.)  Speaking of Apple, it’s closing in on a $500 share price and now has a comfortable $50 billion market cap lead over #2 Exxon Mobil.  That’s the reason the Nasdaq is beating the pants off the Dow and the S&P this year—Apple now represents something like 16% of the Nasdaq 100 and it moves the techs like nothing else.  Even when Microsoft had a $600 billion market cap, Cisco, Intel, Oracle, Sun Micro, JDS Uniphase and others were close behind.  Now, Apple’s market value is nearly double that of the nearest tech, good old Mr. Softy.  And I think it could easily tack on another 20%.

The Family Stock Index reached a seven-month closing high of 12,848 on Wednesday before pulling back.  We underperformed the market for the first time this year as rally leaders Ruby and Jodi Ann struggled and only nine of our 25 stocks managed to close higher.  The FSX finished out the week down 1.3% to 12,652.  That’s nothing to worry about, not yet.  We need to see the rally resume next week, though, or it will start looking like we came too far too fast.


  • Charlotte (ICE) +10.2%.  Charlotte has lagged the market for a long time now.  I haven’t run the numbers, but I’d guess it’s been for about as long as she’s lived in Chicago.  Now she’s relocating sooner rather than later, and her destination decision could be the key driver of the FSX in the post-wedding-deluge period.  Jenny, Reagan, and the cardinal in my front yard are all pushing North Carolina.
  • Reagan (REGN) +5.4%.  Jenny and Reagan both got their standardized test results this week, and while Reagan tested AG (academically gifted), Jenny tested HAG (highly academically gifted).  I told Reagan Ag means she’s silver, and hag means Jenny’s a witch.  I want to think I salvaged a little of the self-esteem meltdown with my punnery, but I know better.  The bottom line is that they’re both really smart, whereas Brinky eats birdseed, poops in his pants and can’t say any words except ‘cat’.  I also think test scores are only indicative at a very high level.  After all, the IQ tests my siblings and I took when we were in elementary school said I’m not the geniusest of us, and who really believes that?


  • Lee (MSTR) -2.9%.  I’ve had a cold for three weeks and it’s affecting my work.  When I write, I have a narrow, main narrative going, but I’m also aware of a pool of plot and character elements that I know I need to introduce at some point or another—things I need to have characters say, notice, realize, remember, and so on—as the main narrative permits.  When I’m at my best it can feel like there’s no barrier between the main narrative and the reserve pool at all; when I’m weak or distracted it can feel like the reserve pool doesn’t even exist.  This week, it doesn’t exist.
  • Marcus (MCS) -6.4%.  The schedule for the Year of Three Weddings is set, and Marcus will be the last out of the gate (through the gate? into the gate? punched in the face by the gate?).  The market may be concerned that Katie and I will have spent all the money set aside for wedding presents on weddings #1 and #2 and there won’t be much left by August. If you were wondering, I was planning to get the happy couples comic books as wedding presents.  And by ‘happy couples’ I mean ‘Katie and me.’
  • Mario the Younger (SUP) -4.7%.  I’m sure ‘Mario and Nicole’ will be very happy with the set of The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #1-45 I plan to buy for ‘them.’  Why would you want china when you could have this?

And by ‘Katie and me’ I mean just me.

  • Ruby (RJET) -6.2%.  Back from a long stretch on the road and the stock tanks.  I don’t make up these numbers, folks.  Not that you would know if I did.
  • Lisa (LNCE) -6.4%.  The groundhog saw his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter and a selloff in shares of Lisa.
  • Jodi Ann (JOY) -12.5%.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the market hates uncertainty.  In the case of JOY, what’s really rankling the market is the untenable three-syllable situation.  Look down the list of FSX names; no one gets three syllables.  In fact, everyone has a two-syllable handle except for me, and nobody calls me by my actual one-syllable name except my in-laws (otherwise I’m Daddy, Brother, or Toogie).  Let’s dig further, shall we?  There’s Icarus, you say.  Well, he’s a dog, for one thing.  Furthermore, I call him Icky and so do most of his allies (Katie calls him Icarus, of course).  And Justin seems to call him Butthole more often than not.  So Icky doesn’t count.  But what about those two Marios?  Mar-ee-oh, you say…or do you?  Don’t you, in fact, say something more like Mar-yo?  Isn’t the middle syllable barely audible?  And Katie cuts out the last two syllables altogether (leaving Mar, pronounced like the word for a mature female horse).  That leaves only Joh-dee-ann.  Three pesky syllables.  Except that half the time Marcus calls her Jodi.  Ann is her middle name, the market thinks; this isn’t a Tiffani-Amber situation.  Katie’s Aunt Dottie always calls her Katie Anne, and I think there are some other relatives that do that as well.  Clearly, though, the Anne is an optional accessory in Katie’s case.  For Jodi Ann, that seems not to be true.  Dropping the Ann is the more unusual event.  Some compromise must be reached.  If we can’t occasionally drop the Ann in the interest of equitable treatment and laziness, we need to add a syllable to Marcus.  He’ll have to be a full-time Marky Pot.  I expect the market will be able to reconcile itself to either outcome.  Do you think a Marky Pot is like a neti pot?  I do.
Name Ticker 2/10/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $24.17 -0.42
Charlotte ICE $134.83 +12.51
Dustin DST $51.64 +0.49
Icarus FLOW $3.99 +0.14
Jenny JNY $9.72 -0.10
Jodi Ann JOY $83.75 -11.96
Justin WOLF $3.43 unch
Katie CATY $17.30 -0.08
Lee MSTR $122.72 -3.73
Lisa LNCE $21.98 -1.50
Lucas LEI $2.39 +0.03
Lulu LULU $65.33 +0.75
Marcus MCS $12.26 -0.84
Mario T.E. MGEE $45.46 -0.65
Mario T.Y. SUP $18.68 -0.92
Marisa MOLX $27.30 -0.16
Namilita NL $14.77 -0.09
Nicole B. NI $23.06 +0.05
Nicole L. COL $59.03 -0.30
Reagan REGN $102.08 +5.22
Ruby RJET $5.87 -0.39
Wilson WILC $4.60 -0.11
Winston ED $59.13 +0.31
Zero ZIP $15.33 +0.03
Zondro ZQK $4.55 -0.05



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  1. It’s so weird that I was up so much. That seems to never happen. I don’t know why it happened when it did, either. I’m still in this tiny box in Chicago for another two and a half stupid months.

    Comment by Charlotte — February 15, 2012 @ 21:21 | Reply

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