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February 3, 2012

Waiting For The Santelli Implosion

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I know it’s going to happen.  Rick Santelli is a yeller, and CNBC puts him on the air all the time to yell at the viewers, so it’s going to happen.  This is the guy who the Tea Party crazies credit with starting the Tea Party by–you guessed it–yelling at the viewers on CNBC.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.  Last month he said that Obama ‘isn’t really a President, he’s the leader of the Democratic Party.’  Um, what?  Was George W. Bush a president, Rick?  My guess is yes.  Bill Clinton?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say no.  So we have two parties in America: the Democratic Party, and the President Party.  Thanks, Rick!  I, for one, am ready to vote for the President Party candidate for President this fall–now all we have to do is get these Republicans off the ballot so we’ll have a real choice.

Today CNBC put Rick on the air after the payroll numbers hit–243,000 jobs added with the unemployment rate down to 8.3%–to do damage control.  If we get numbers like this throughout the spring and summer, Obama could spend the rest of 2012 in Kenya and he’d still win reelection.  CNBC’s Republican Guard knows this, so they get Obama haters like Santelli and Larry Kudlow to spin the numbers.  Rick started this morning’s rant by yelling, ‘we want a million jobs an hour is what we really want.’  I am not making that up.  So now we know what it will take for Rick to vote Democrat: a million jobs an hour.  And maybe gold bullion raining from the sky.  He went on to point out that workforce participation levels are at their lowest in decades, a genuinely important point to make for folks who don’t know that the unemployment rate doesn’t consider people who have dropped out of the ranks of those working or seeking work.  The Republican Guard spin is that those people are discouraged–maybe because the president isn’t really a president?–and the real unemployment rate should be higher.  I think this is partially true.  I also think that many of the people who aren’t in the ‘labor force’ have plenty of work to do without being employed by someone, and that drawing a paycheck–and paying taxes on it–isn’t the only way to generate economic value.  I have a horse in that race, you might say, but so do all these CNBC Republicans who claim to care about the unemployment rate and in fact care only about the tax rate.

I think Rick Santelli is going to go racist on us.  Not on the air–that would be too much to ask–but in some public or semi-public Tea Party-ish forum.  The Tea Party has some nasty racist undercurrents, and there’s too much hate behind Rick’s vitriol for a difference of opinion over public policy to be the lone source.  One more good employment report and the implosion will come.


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