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January 20, 2012

FSX Friday Update – Celebrity Guest Post by Katie

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I’m guest posting the FSX update because I’m home on vacation to try (and fail) to make sure that Reagan has the birthday she’s been dreaming of.  (And because I’m mopping and scrubbing to get ready for Ray Gun’s sleepover—editor.)  As far as the market as a whole, I don’t have much to say about what’s going on in the economy. I could bore you with some thoughts on the convergence of U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and International Financial Reporting Standards and the impact that will have on me personally, but I don’t think that’s interesting to anyone. I can say that grocery sales, at least at my employer’s stores, are up significantly over last year, so that’s bound to mean the economy’s improving, right? But fuel prices have increased a lot recently, so that’s not cool. But the fuel increase is partially driven by the removal of an ancient federal ethanol credit, so I don’t know that it’s a true increase. I think what I’m saying is that I have no idea what’s going on in the market. I think Lee mentioned something about Google, and I think he said the stock is up. That could be because I decided to get another Android phone. Except I just looked and they’re down, so maybe it was that he said they’re down (I did—ed.). So maybe they think I should have gotten an iPhone? I don’t know. Maybe other people besides me heard about Obama singing a little Al Green and thought that was a good thing for the economy, too. ( I thought it was cute.

FSX up 1.7% to close at 11,930; S&P 500 up 2.0%.

On to the people:


  • Ruby (RBY +12.5%) – Mom headed out of town this week, which I think she enjoys. And so does her airline stock. And I heard it was really hot when she got to Texas – she was probably able to shed the winter coat she felt she had to wear in Hilton Head before she left.
  • Lee (MSTR +8.4%) – Toogie’s life was improved this week (for real) by the addition of Baby First TV to our lives. Baby First TV just became a free channel on DirecTV this week. I didn’t think we’d want to watch it because it would be really boring. But it’s actually kind of soothing sometimes, and kind of crazy at other times. The big plus, and why I think it’s the reason Lee’s up this week? No commercials. So he can avoid the Fresh Beat Band. I won’t even type the name of the specific song he’s trying to avoid because it would get in my head and his. The point is, it’s definitely good to have Brinky watch something that won’t get stuck in his head for the rest of time. Or if it does, it’s some weird harmless clay looking mice thing that makes weird noises.
  • Nicole L. (COL +4.8%) – I’m going to say Nicole’s up because of the progress she and my little brother have made with their wedding plans. And the progress we have made in figuring out our plans to get us and our extremely cute children there for the wedding.
  • Marisa (MOLX +4.1%) – Oh, Marisa. Why are you up? Because you’re sleeping right beside me on the floor at night on a blanket and I haven’t stepped on you? Yet? I guess so.
  • Katie (CATY +3.9%) – Why am I up? I don’t really know. Oh, wait, I do! We ordered a new Wii (or a new used Wii) so we’ll be able to play our dance games again. I love the dance games. And a little exercise certainly couldn’t hurt. The dance games are definitely more fun than trying to train for a 5k with Jenny when it’s cold outside (not that I’m doing that, but I should). Oh, and I finally got a new phone that will hopefully function all day every day instead of freezing up repeatedly and restarting randomly.
  • Dustin (DST +3.6%) – I don’t know. Neither does dad. We’re assuming that means life is good.
  • Jodi Ann (JOY +3.2%) – I think Jodi Ann’s increase is also wedding related. She and Marcus set a definite date and location for their wedding. Getting that accomplished is a definite reason to be up!
  • Justin (WOLF +2.9%) – With a new job and another birthday this week, how could he be anything but up? He would have been up more if I’d thought to post the cute video of Brinky laughing actually in celebration of his birthday instead of just for the pleasure of the whole world, but that’s okay.


  • Reagie (REGN -0.7%) – Reagan shouldn’t be down because she’s been looking forward to her birthday celebration today so much for at least two weeks. But I guess she knew in advance that there would be some ancient people who didn’t know how to use the computer check-in system at school ahead of us when we got there for lunch, which made us get to the lunch room about three minutes after Reagan’s class got in there. Which was long enough for Reagan to completely freak out and start crying because she thought we weren’t coming. I like to believe the rest of her birthday will go according to her plan. We all hope it does.
  • Nicole B. (NI -1.4%) – I don’t know why Nicole would be down when she and Justin are settling into their new lives in New York. Maybe because there’s no settling before they move into their actual new home in a few more weeks. Let’s go with that.
  • Lulu (LULU -3.0%) – I may have stepped on Lulu in the middle of the night. It’s her own fat fault though.
  • Wilson (WILC -4.1%) – Poor Wilson. Every day he just looks sadder and like his life is harder than it was the day before, mostly because Brinky will not leave him alone.
Name Ticker 1/20/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $27.86 +0.50
Charlotte ICE $117.41 +0.94
Dustin DST $48.67 +1.68
Icarus FLOW $3.67 +0.02
Jenny JNY $9.23 +0.02
Jodi Ann JOY $85.36 +2.62
Justin WOLF $3.18 +0.09
Katie CATY $16.41 +0.62
Lee MSTR $115.21 +8.97
Lisa LNCE $22.81 -0.18
Lucas LEI $2.47 -0.08
Lulu LULU $60.12 -1.84
Marcus MCS $12.85 +0.01
Mario T.E. MGEE $44.13 -0.09
Mario T.Y. SUP $17.72 +0.17
Marisa MOLX $27.00 +1.06
Namilita NL $13.42 +0.31
Nicole B. NI $22.84 -0.32
Nicole L. COL $59.87 +2.72
Reagan REGN $78.33 -0.59
Ruby RJET $4.22 +0.47
Wilson WILC $4.66 -0.20
Winston ED $58.76 -0.42
Zero ZIP $15.17 +0.17
Zondro ZQK $4.27 +0.01


  1. Poor Wilson. If I ever start feeling sad, I should remember Wilson and the real depths of despair.
    Congrats on the new phone, Katie! I’m looking forward to playing some dancing games the next time I visit- I’ve missed them too.

    Comment by Charlotte — January 20, 2012 @ 17:06 | Reply

  2. Well well well, it looks like everyone’s got some great wedding plans! (crickets…crickets…)

    Comment by niceowl — January 20, 2012 @ 22:16 | Reply

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