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January 6, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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Does it feel like everyone’s still on vacation?  It feels like everyone’s still on vacation.  The headline writers sure are.  Here’s what CNBC shouted in a lackluster late-afternoon market: ‘Stocks Pull Back As EU Woes Trump Job News.’  That is some blatant editorial hedging-of-bets; if the averages swing to positive, all you have to do is a little cut-and-paste, and you have ‘Stocks Climb As Job News Trumps EU Woes.’  You weren’t giving people any real information to begin with—blurb backwards is brulb, and I can’t trade on either one.  I’d prefer no headlines at all on days like today, or maybe just ‘HEADLINE’ at the top of the page if you can’t leave it blank.  You don’t have to explain what’s moving the market if the market’s not moving—just eat a sandwich and take a nap.

I don’t think the U.S. financial press has come to appreciate how much less stressful it will be to have our markets driven by policy action or inaction in Europe.  The Europeans are on vacation, en masse, for a solid four months out of the year, and that works out to a lot of sandwiches and naps in 2012.

The rebalanced and reconfigured Family Stock Index posted a solid 1.7% gain, in line with the major averages, to end the first week of 2012 at 11,270.  Katie and I put so much effort into picking new stocks for the new year, and then it’s the workhorses of 2011—REGN, LEI, and LULU—accounting for all the bounce in the FSX plus some.  At some point the market may realize that we’re talking about two kids and a cat, but until then, I’m not looking this gift cat in the mouth.  Especially since I know where that mouth has been.


  • Reagan (REGN) +18.7%.  Reagan defies explanation on many levels; the extent to which she’s embraced excellent in spelling and penmanship as the highest aim of childhood is but one of them.  It looks to me like winning the national spelling bee gets you a $30,000 check, 30 seconds on SportsCenter and, probably, a week-long festival in Mumbai.  I never want to go to Mumbai and I can think of easier ways to get $30,000—seriously—so I don’t get it.  But Reagan is all in.  And now that the long-time school spelling champion, Nicholas, is moving on to middle school, Reagan expects three years of domination.  Heaven help us all if she doesn’t get it.  Separately, I think the aforementioned Nicholas is a little bit smitten with Jenny, and the market is less than thrilled about that.
  • Lulu (LULU) +15%.  I swear I think that thing crapped in my office somewhere.
  • Lucas (LEI) +13.4%.  I don’t think I’d publicized the fact, but when we saw Lucas over the holidays, he was definitely not appreciably shorter than Jenny.  Alas for him, her pre-teen growth spurt is next up.  And I’m not sure he could take Reagan in an arm-wrestling match, let alone Jenny.  Here’s a more interesting question: who makes it to 150 pounds first—Lucas, or…Brinky?
  • Katie (CATY) +3.5%.  Katie attributes her gain to our January fast food ban, something she claims as her idea but I seem to remember being more of a joint initiative.  Whatever spurred her rally, it definitely wasn’t this week’s Great Clips haircut.
  • Jodi Ann (JOY) +3.0%.  This is, in my judgment, quite the deft FSX entrance for Jodi Ann.  She didn’t come on too showy—outshining Reagan can be a dangerous business—but she made a solid, positive contribution.  You can’t ask for much more than that in your first week.
  • Mario (SUP) +2.4%.  Mario was dogged by rumors that he would boycott the Brinky Bowl in a fit of take-my-ball-and-go-home pique, but now that I have his picks in hand, the most-likely recipient of a special-delivery Brinky doodoo bomb is once again Marcus.


  • Marcus (MCS) -1.4%.  Picks have to be in by 4:30 tomorrow, dude.  Don’t forget unless you want a poopy diaper in your mailbox.
  • Mario the Elder (MGEE) -3.8%.  Is grandpa too old for an MG convertible?  The market seems to think so.
  • Charlotte (ICE -4.6%) and Nicole B. (NI -3.4%).  Charlotte and Nicole are both down big this week on rumors that Team Charlotte might reunite in late 2012 or early 2013, an arrested-development development investors are resolutely panning.  This could be a market overreaction—I’m betting it is—but look out below if there proves to be some fire behind that smoke.  If you want to keep your above-market multiple past the age of thirty, the market expects, at a minimum, your bathroom and your wardrobe should be shared by no more than two adults.  Personally, I’d be buying on the dip here.  Once Icarus meets, and tries to eat, Namilita, the reunion rumors should die down for good.
  • Winston (ED) -4.7%.  That Ed Winston just can’t catch a break.  Doesn’t it seem like he should be a bus driver with that name?  ‘I’m Ed Winston, pleased to meet you.  I drive a bus.’  Something to think about, Mario.
  • Jenny (JNY) -11.8%.  Jenny managed a solid 3rd place finish in the school spelling bee this week, and she’s well into Season 4 of her Buffy marathon, so I’m scratching my head at the precipitous selloff.  Katie says Jenny’s unusually worried about the her next report card—maybe I should be worried, too.
Name Ticker 1/6/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $26.61 -0.27
Charlotte ICE $115.01 -5.54
Dustin DST $46.64 +1.12
Icarus FLOW $3.45 -0.05
Jenny JNY $9.31 -1.24
Jodi Ann JOY $77.21 +2.24
Justin WOLF $2.97 +0.07
Katie CATY $15.46 +0.53
Lee MSTR $107.37 -0.95
Lisa LNCE $22.51 +0.01
Lucas LEI $2.62 +0.31
Lulu LULU $53.68 +7.02
Marcus MCS $12.43 -0.18
Mario T.E. MGEE $44.97 -1.80
Mario T.Y. SUP $16.93 +0.39
Marisa MOLX $24.81 +0.95
Namilita NL $13.16 +0.19
Nicole B. NI $23.00 -0.81
Nicole L. COL $56.55 +1.18
Reagan REGN $65.79 +10.36
Ruby RJET $3.50 +0.07
Wilson WILC $4.78 +0.21
Winston ED $59.10 -2.93
Zero ZIP $13.72 +0.30
Zondro ZQK $3.65 +0.04

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  1. Icarus met Namilita before I did. He was cool with them as long as they weren’t running, and then that special part of him that must chase small, fast things would kick in. Here’s a photo of Icky and Nami together: I uploaded it just for you! Aren’t you so happy?

    Comment by Charlotte — January 7, 2012 @ 13:59 | Reply

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