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December 31, 2011

FSX 2012 Changes

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Here it is at last–your long-awaited, exhaustively-researched, arbitrary-yet-defensible 2012 Family Stock Index!

First, here are my reasons for removing the stocks that are being dropped from the FSX:

  • LEE – removed because it makes me sad
  • FRZ – removed because Zero annihilated it
  • HWD – removed because it’s too volatile
  • LSI – removed because it’s too volatile
  • RBY – removed because it’s too volatile
  • PBY – removed because RBY is too volatile
  • LEN – removed because I have a bad feeling about homebuilders and Jenny’s going to have enough trouble with middle school without having to manage overcapacity in the market for new home construction

I can make four groups out of the folks who didn’t get new stocks: (1) never had a chance; (2) considered briefly; (3) seriously considered; and (4) this-almost-happened.  From the placement of a particular FSX member, it may well be possible to see what changes I’m leaning towards in the future.  I could go back to previous posts to see if that’s true at all, but that sure seems difficult.

Let’s use the Republican presidential candidates, shall we?  It’s not as though they’re good for anything else.

First, the Santorums:

  • Brinkley (BCO)
  • Lulu (LULU)
  • Marcus (MCS)
  • Reagan (REGN)
  • Wilson (WILC)

Next, the Cains:

  • Icarus (FLOW)
  • Justin (WOLF)
  • Katie (CATY)
  • Lee (MSTR)
  • Lucas (LEI)
  • Marisa (MOLX)
  • Nicole B. (NI)
  • Nicole L. (COL)
  • Zondro (ZQK)

Then the Perrys:

  • Dustin (DST)
  • Charlotte (ICE)

And finally, the Gingrich:

  • Mario the Younger (SUP)

Better luck next time.  Or worse luck, as the case may be.

Now, on to the changes.

We have two new additions this year.  First up is Jodi Ann, Marcus’ lady.  Katie and I worked on this one for a while and I wasn’t at all pleased with our options.  I don’t know Jodi Ann well enough to be very creative yet; when you just met the box six months ago it’s tough to think outside it.  Katie came up with Joy Global (ticker: JOY) as a contraction of her full name, although when and if she changes said name we’ll be back to the drawing board.  JOY manufactures mining equipment, which is bad-ass, and I guess they’re pretty happy about it.  The stock trades at $75, placing it firmly between its 2011 high of $103 and low of $57, and giving it a market value of just under $8 billion.  I wasn’t sure about my choice of JOY (My Choice of Joy would be a great name for a band, though) until I noticed that it’s headquartered in Milwaukee, along with…Marcus Corporation!  I hope they’re on the same street.  No doubt one day I’ll feel comfortable enough to properly mock Jodi Ann along with everyone else, but for the time being JOY is liable to be more of a club with which to beat on Marcus for bailing on his real family for Christmas.

The second new addition is a dual-person/cat member, Namilita.  Charlotte named her two kittens Battle Angel Alita and Something Japanese That Gets Shortened To Nami, or Lita and Nami for short.  It sounds ridiculous to me, giving things long-ass names you never intend to use, but maybe that’s Katie rubbing off on me.  She wouldn’t sign off on Jennifer as a name when we knew we were going to call our daughter Jenny, so Jenny is what it says on the birth certificate.  I should just be glad she didn’t expect to call our son Brinky ahead of time.  Namilita will be represented by NL Industries (ticker: NL) which makes ball bearings, apparently.  Making ball bearings is even more bad-ass than making mining equipment, so I hope these cats are up to the bad-ass manufacturing challenge.  I didn’t even know there was going to be a bad-ass manufacturing challenge between JOY and NL, but it seems unavoidable now.  NL trades at around $13, closer to its $10.65 low than its high near $20, but nonetheless yielding a market cap in excess of $600 million.  That seems like a lot of ball bearings to me.

I’m making six substitutions to begin 2012, more than I meant to now that I think about having to write them up.  First up is Jenny, receiving her third ticker in less than two years (remember TOOT?).  Henceforth she will be represented by Jones New York (ticker: JNY), some kind of fashion company that I really should’ve stumbled upon years ago looking for Jenny options.  Instead, Katie found it, and she notes further that Jenny wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, so it’s a good fit even beyond the ticker.  JNY trades at about $10.50, above its $8 low but well shy of a 2012 high above $16, and its market cap of $850 million puts it nicely in line with the small-cap style of the FSX.

Next we have Lisa, who’s been in and out of individual stocks more than any other member of the index.  This year I’m moving her into Lance-Snyders, maker of delicious salty snacks, because of its ticker symbol, LNCE.  If Lisa had a rap name, it would be L-Nice, and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.  LNCE trades at $22.50, near the high end of its 2012 range of $17 to $24.  The market cap is $1.5 billion and it’s headquartered nearby in Charlotte, very convenient if we ever feel like having an FSX field trip.

Winston, Mario’s dog, needed a new stock for 2012; like the dog himself, HWD just would not settle down.  I had no good ideas for Winston at any point in the search, and then, out of the blue, Katie nailed it.  We were scrolling through tickers and as we passed ED, she said, “we can use ED for Winston because his first name should be Ed.”  So there you have it: all this time we’ve been thinking Winston was the dog’s first name, and really, it was his last name.  No wonder he doesn’t come when he’s called—his name is really Ed!  ED is the ticker for Consolidated Edison, the New York utility, which sports a market cap of nearly $19 billion and trades right at a 52-week high near $64.  That’s a little rich for an FSX stock, but after all, don’t we all already think of Winston as the most valuable member of the family?

Mario the Elder and Ruby the Only get new stocks this year; RBY was all over the place and I always said that, as a strict rule, if I changed one member of a married couple, I would change both.  Then I broke that rule by changing Zero and not Charlotte and broke it again by changing Lisa and not Dustin, so I guess it was really more of a guideline than a rule.  Ruby specifically requested a travel stock and then specifically requested US Air, but alas, you only get one request per stock swap.  The ticker for US Air is LCC—for low-cost carrier—which is beyond obnoxious and I refuse to countenance that kind of tomfoolery by adding it to the FSX.  Instead, I decided on Republic Airlines, because its ticker symbol is RJET.  You know, for Ruby Jet, or Ruby Joyce ET.  Interestingly, Republic is the company that operates the US Air Express brand on behalf of US Air, so it’s almost like I’m granting Ruby’s second request, even though I’m not.  Republic also operates Chautauqua Airlines, a fact that I swear I’m not making up.  RJET trades at around $3.50, giving it a market value of $165 million.  For Mario the Elder, I decided to go utility again, this time to MGE Energy, the holding company for Madison Gas & Electric of Wisconsin, because the ticker symbol is MGEE.  It reminds me of the MG that I’m pretty sure I drove to the reception after my wedding and also of the expression ‘gee, whiz!’ because it seems like something Katie’s dad should say, even though I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.  MGEE trades near a 52-week high of $47, valuing the company just north of $1 billion.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Zero, riding tall in the saddle after having Alderaaned his 2011 stock, the late FRZ.  I decided to put Zero in something sporty this year, a newly-minted 2011 IPO, no less.  He will be Zipcar, ticker symbol ZIP (as in nada, zip, zero).  Zipcar is a car-sharing service that came public back in April; I’m not sure what car-sharing is, but it seems like a responsible thing to do, and Zero is a very responsible chap.  The stock priced at $18, popped to $31.50, and then slid steadily to below the IPO price, trading now around $13.50.  That gives it a market cap of $500 million and, as a recent, high-profile IPO, plenty of followers to start squealing when Zero puts the screws in.

So that’s it.  And for those of you who don’t like my picks on your behalf, maybe you should think about being nicer to me in 2012.



  1. I love Zero’s new ticker. It’s one of the only companies I’ve heard of before it was on the FSX, too. I hope he gets to advance this year!
    I also love Lita and Nami’s ticker- it’s perfect. Thank you for including them. Nami’s full name is Rei Ayanami. If they were humans, I wouldn’t give them a long name with the intention of calling them by a nickname from the beginning. I’ve always loved that Jenny’s name is just that. But cats are creepy hunters, and I feel like they deserve weird warrior names. But since I want to have a cuddly relationship with them, I need to call them something short and cute. I bet if I’d just named them Lita and Nami, I’d have found a way to turn those into something else. As it is now, I often call one Lita-bear and the other Namses. So it’s all ridiculous. And now you know more than you ever wanted to know about this.

    Comment by Charlotte — December 31, 2011 @ 13:10 | Reply

  2. He he, Nice Lisa also enjoys delicious salty snacks.. So win/win. 🙂

    Comment by Lisa — January 1, 2012 @ 08:47 | Reply

  3. I love my new ticker name. Republic Airlines operates every flight I take on USAir out of Hilton Head and back into Hilton Head, so it’s very appropriate. I need to keep them in business so that I don’t have to drive to and from Savannah when I travel.

    Comment by Ruby Machi — January 3, 2012 @ 08:49 | Reply

  4. I like Zero’s ticker a lot too. Zipcar is a great company that’s super popular in NYC. I expect him to have a good year. And he is pretty responsible, eh?

    Comment by niceowl — January 3, 2012 @ 19:51 | Reply

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