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December 30, 2011

FSX Friday Update

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The lightest trading volume of the year merits the shortest write-up of the year, as the market’s animal spirits are awash in eggnog.  There’s no reason to trade: Europe’s been on vacation for three weeks; if you can make money in this flat market, you have; if you can’t, you won’t.  S&P 500 -0.0%—Happy No Year, everyone!

The Family Stock Index traded flat alongside the major indices, closing at 11,077.  Decliners trumped advancers 9-14 (Icky was unch), but the index might well have been up slightly if not for the special thing that Zero is doing, along with some corporate-world jitters for Justin (yes, I know it’s government work, but I’ve worked with the government, and org charts are the same no matter time nor place).  Eight new stocks will enter the FSX on Monday, so today we say goodbye to LEN, LSI, PBY, RBY, HWD, FRZ, the legendary LEE, and 2011 herself.  Auf Wiedersehen to all.  I’ll reveal the eight newcomers in a full write-up—today, if Brinkley ever takes a nap.

POSTSCRIPT: He didn’t.


  • Eures Prime (MSTR +0.9%, LEN +1.7%, CATY +0.5%, BCO +1.2%).   4 of the 5 NC Prime Eures made the top 8 on the A/D list for this holiday week—and why not?  After all, the holidays proved this week to be exactly what each of us wanted: drama-free (Katie), lucrative (Jenny and Brinky), and over (me).
  • Ruby (RBY +5.6%).  Boo-boo may not be as openly humbug as I am, but she’s more Ebenezer than Tiny Tim.  I say that best thing about the holidays is looking back on them from the safety of January.
  • Nicole B. (NI +1.7%).  Will we get a wedding in 2012, or will Justin have too much science to write?  My backyard is available for nuptials any time except for April through October—the spiders booked those months years in advance.


  • Marcus (MCS -5.1%).  I’m turning this one, and the next, over to our FSX 2011 champion, Ray Gun!  According to her, Marcus is down because “he’s ashamed he doesn’t like us.”  If that’s not science, I don’t know what is.
  • Justin (WOLF +0.7%).  Oh HELL no.

You know what?  I’m throwing the manual override on this one.   I wrote up Justin with 2 hours to go IN THE YEAR when he was trading down 4% on the week and then he staged a late rally on doodoo volume.  Like a bitch.  Well, I’m tired of Princess Justin having late-day rallies fall in his lap, literally and metaphorically, and I call bullshit.  Stick this in your science and write it.

I’m going to repeat the set-up, too, because I can.

  • Marcus (MCS -5.1%).  I’m turning this one, and the next, over to our FSX 2011 champion, Ray Gun!  According to her, Marcus is down because “he’s ashamed he doesn’t like us.”  If that’s not science, I don’t know what is.
  • Justin (WOLF -3.8%).  But after all, I’m not a professional science writer.  According to Reagan, Justin is “so so sad because he left us” a day before Chawlie, and that’s why he’s down.
  • Zero (FRZ -39.6%).  Wednesday was a special day for Zero and I failed to give him the recognition he deserved.  He forced Reddy Ice, the former FRZ, entirely off the NYSE, and not just on to the Nasdaq, not even on to the AMEX for God’s sake, but to the Pink Sheets.  Even with a failure-lead of several months I couldn’t do that to LEE, and I surely tried.  FRZ is no more; the company now trades OTC under the ticker RDDY.  I managed to bankrupt my company, sure, but did I eradicate its ticker?  No, I did not.  Bravo, maestro.  I know enough about losing to know when I’ve lost at losing.
Name Ticker 12/30/2011 Change
Brinkley BCO $26.88 +0.31
Charlotte ICE $120.55 +0.43
Dustin DST $45.52 -0.97
Icarus FLOW $3.50 unch
Jenny LEN $19.65 +0.28
Justin WOLF $2.90 +0.02
Katie CATY $14.93 +0.08
Lee MSTR $108.32 +0.97
Legacy Lee LEE $0.70 -0.04
Lisa LSI $5.95 +0.04
Lucas LEI $2.31 -0.04
Lulu LULU $46.66 -1.25
Marcus MCS $12.61 -0.68
Mario T.E. PBY $11.00 -0.20
Mario T.Y. SUP $16.54 -0.08
Marisa MOLX $23.86 -0.38
Nicole B. NI $23.81 +0.39
Nicole L. COL $55.37 -0.27
Reagan REGN $55.43 -0.14
Ruby RBY $3.78 +0.20
Wilson WILC $4.57 -0.02
Winston HWD $10.65 -0.05
Zero FRZ $0.15 -0.10
Zondro ZQK $3.61 -0.16


  1. Wow, Zero. That’s really amazing.

    Comment by Charlotte — December 30, 2011 @ 23:05 | Reply

  2. Zero wins for the year, then. Great and terrible.
    Here’s my guess for my last minute rally: The market, like me, suspects that this whole job business is nonsense and a little too good to be true. Paid to write about science? Paid by the government? Access to the country’s most powerful atom smasher? And like me, the market believes it will all fail to materialize and January will be a thrilling tumble into despair. But I did have to send in my signed offer letter this week, and it should have arrived on Friday. So maybe the people at the lab formally entered me in their system. And they did it on their way out the door, just before the market closed for the year.
    And for the record, Princess Justin is tired of late-in-the-game rallies, too. He (she?) would rather be rallying nonstop.

    Comment by Justin Eure — January 1, 2012 @ 13:37 | Reply

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