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December 29, 2011

It’s Not For My Benefit

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It is a little for my benefit, on account of I like things to be where they go, but putting clean clothes away in dresser drawers and closets is not simply tidiness for tidiness’ sake.  I gather up the dirty clothes where they are shed like snake skin in the various ladies’ rooms and bathrooms upstairs and downstairs, I wash them, I dry them, I fold them, I sort them, and I take them back upstairs…but I do not put them away.  The reason for that is because I don’t know where they ought to go.  Katie, Jenny and Reagan organize their own dressers and I don’t know what they want accessible and from which drawers they expect to access it.  Also, they have too many clothes and I might put the wrong ones on top and the right ones at the bottom so they can’t find one of the five or so outfits each actually wants to wear.   And by five I mean three.  In laundry matters, I draw the line where I draw it not because I can’t go further, but because such effort would be counterproductive.  So what do Katie and the girls do when I bring their clothes upstairs to their respective rooms?  They leave them wherever I put them, good sense, self-respect, and my exhortations notwithstanding.  They operate as though the latest pile of clothes is all they have to pick clothes from and it is an immovable monument to multi-generational laziness.  If I nailed shut all the drawers of their dressers, I predict it would take at least a week before any of them noticed.  And by a week, I mean they’d never notice.

So why should my three ladies put their clean clothes away?  No reason, really.

Cat fur and litter-box funk-crumbs will be the must-have accessories of 2012, after all.

“Your stupid cats got hair all over my clothes again!” Katie complains several times each week.  “I know,” I agree, adding a sympathetic, slow shake of the head.  “It’s too bad there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Because I am nice I now lay a spare bed sheet over Katie’s mound of clean clothes.  Does it help?  In the short run, yes.  In the long run, no.



  1. I saw Marisa there this morning, and I was glad she wasn’t on my clothes because you’re such a wonderful husband that you covered them up. I can put my clothes away this weekend. Sorry.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — December 29, 2011 @ 08:39 | Reply

    • No need to be sorry. The important thing to remember, if you forget everything else: it’s not Jenny’s fault.

      Comment by lbej — December 29, 2011 @ 08:43 | Reply

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