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November 2, 2011

Brinky Cup – Week 8

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There’s a streppy, grumpy Brinky in my lap as I write this, so the update on Week 8 of the Brinky Cup will have to be brief.  His Cup, his prerogative, I guess.  It was a boring week anyway, with everyone bunched up together and no real outliers in either direction.  Jenny had the best record in Week 8 (10-3) and she scored the most candy on Halloween, so bragging rights are hers for the time being.  Mario’s double-second for Week 8 helps him maintain his double-first in the overall standings.  Here are the complete Week 8 results:

  • 10-3 (1):  Jenny
  • 9-4 (4):  Lee, Mario the Younger, Dark Mario, Reagan
  • 8-5 (7):  Dark Lee, Jodi Ann, Justin, Marcus, Mario the Elder, Ruby, Tara
  • 7-6 (3):  Brinkley, Katie, Lisa
  • 6-7 (1):  Charlotte

Brinky Cup Standings (through 8 weeks):

Games Back
Dark Mario
Mario T.Y. 4
Dark Lee 5
Marcus 6
Lisa 7
Mario T.E. 7
Tara 9
Jenny 10
Lee 10
Brinkley 11
Jodi Ann 11
Reagan 13
Charlotte 14
Justin 16
Katie 17
Ruby 18

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