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October 17, 2011

What If The Door Frame Attacks Me?

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I went to a dermatologist on Friday to see if he could tell me why my feet keep blistering and ulcerating (the answer: no) and he did a biopsy on my left big toe.  It was a nasty bit of business to watch, according to Katie–I don’t watch people doing terrible things to me as a matter of principle.  I had to get stitches to close the hole in my toe, and Katie asked the doctor at the time whether I would need to stay off my feet for the rest of the day (or longer, I suppose).  What she was getting at was, “is my husband going to be able to chase our fat, mean baby around the house this afternoon, or do I need to take off work to do it?”  The doctor explained that the site of the biopsy was a relatively static area of the skin relative to, say, the skin around a joint or a major muscle group, so I should be fine if I keep it clean and bandaged.  Then I posed the question, “Well, Doc, what if I tell you that I’m going to kick a wall, or a table, or the ground–pick any firm, immovable household obstruction that tickles your fancy–at least twice a day, pretty much as hard as I can?”  I didn’t ask him that, of course–I got the sense he was already contemplating having me sent to the psych ward based on his assessment of my fingernails.  Today I’ve kicked the kitchen cabinet, a chair, the front door, and finally, as I was stepping over the gate blocking Brinky in the family room, the door frame.  The last one was a doozy.  I was planning to exercise today, but now I can’t put on my tennis shoes again.  Blunt force trauma is bound to be against doctor’s orders.


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  1. That’s not exactly what I was getting at with the doctor. I really just wanted to know if you needed to stay off your feet because I know you never do. Maybe you should have asked him your question. I agree that you probably shouldn’t exercise – and I thought that before the most recent blunt trauma.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — October 17, 2011 @ 15:09 | Reply

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