Mr. Sensitive

October 10, 2011

Rookie Daddy Mistake

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I wanted to get the Book Wall up today–I had it on my list Friday and again this weekend, and you don’t dis the list three times–so I gave Brinkley some Ritz crackers and Cheerios and let him roam around the downstairs.  We had our babyproofing expedition/simulated suicide run last week, and after all, how much mess could he make with less than a cup of crumblies?  Well, to go big-picture on you for a moment, how big would you say the world is?  I ask because that’s the frame of reference you need to comprehend how far Brinky can spread Cheerios and cracker crumbs when he wants to.  Not understanding that intuitively–well, it happens when you’re a first-time parent.  Which, of course, I am not.  I have survived two other babies, and one of them was Jenny.  How did I choke like that?  I blame the pain.  Something happened to me this morning that blew my back out (don’t worry, it’s not too bad as long as I stand perfectly still with my shoulders pulled back in a rowing position and also tilt my head back ever so slightly).  And by ‘something’ I mean a 27-pound baby that writhes like a sturgeon.


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