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October 10, 2011

It’s My Cat In A Box

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Fortunately, I double-check boxes before I put them up in the attic for storage.

Lulu is often in Brinky’s room, but I had thought she’d given up sleeping in his crib with him because he pounds on her if he sees her.  But Katie caught her up to her old tricks, and even captured the getaway:

If you look closely, you can see a sleeping Brinky through the bars of the crib.

While Lulu spends all day fatting it up inside, Marisa is outside murdering small animals.  When she wants to come in, her weak little meow isn’t enough to get my attention, so she takes a more disturbing approach.

I call this “Sudden Window Cat.”  It can be startling enough during the day, but imagine you are half-asleep, standing in the hall, eating almonds, in the middle of the night, and Sudden Window Cat appears.  It’s enough to make you drop your almonds.



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