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September 30, 2011

FSX Friday Update

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Stocks were mixed this week (Dow +1.3%, S&P -0.4%, Nasdaq -2.7%), but there’s no doubt about the tenor of the quarter that just ended.  The major indices slid 12-15% during a period when governments dithered and markets suffered.  The Family Stock Index underperformed for the week (-4.3%) and for the quarter (-20%) to finish at a six-week low of 1000.75.  I could say that it wasn’t my fault (I was in the middle of the FSX pack), but since I pick the stocks, everything is really my fault.  That’s what Brinkley says, at least.  I will have more to say about the quarter sometime this weekend, unless Katie makes me go to the fair, in which case I will almost certainly be too grumpy to write.


  • Mario the Elder (PBY +3.8%) and Mario the Younger (SUP +2.3%).  It was a banner week for the Marios, as they survived the Buckeye transplant and finished at the top in the Brinky Cup and in the FSX.  It could herald the beginning of a fourth-quarter Marionaissance, and it almost makes me wish I had named my son Mario, too, if only so that it would be forever impossible for anyone on Katie’s side of the family to know who is being referred to in conversation.
  • Nicole L.  (COL) +2.3%.  What happens if the groom does see the bride in the wedding dress before the wedding?  Is it worse for the groom to get an accidental glimpse or to seek a peek on purpose?  Can the groom look at the dress if he wears it himself?  Katie and I just completely ignored this superstition before our wedding; is that why I’m fat now?
  • Nicole B. (NI) +1.4%.  If you can’t be a Mario, I guess you should try to be a Nicole.  Slow and steady won the third-quarter race for Becks, as her market philosophy of doing less bad than everyone else finally paid off.  She’s never gained more than 6% in any given month, but she’s never lost more than 0.6%, either.  Now Nicole’s methodical pursuit of independence has finally loosed the bonds of Team Charlotte and freed her to…move back in with her mother.  I hadn’t thought about it before, but don’t they run most races on circular tracks?
  • Jenny (LEN) +1.0%.  She’s pulling straight As on her first midterm progress report, and the Jenny Is Pretty Darn Smart bandwagon keeps adding passengers.  I’m staying on the Jenny Is Smart But Sloppy bandless wagon for now, but I’m beginning to feel a theory coming on.  If Jenny should have been on the gifted track to begin with—she was sick the week of testing in second grade—then her disinterest in academics may have been due to lack of intellectual challenge rather than laziness and a mayfly attention span (as some here may have previously suspected).  We’ll see how this year plays out—it’s the last chance to instill some academic passion before Jenny is swallowed by the numbing chasm that is middle school.
  • Marcus (MCS) +0.6%.  It seems like Marcus only ever makes the A/D list on the D side, but here he is at the end of September wrapping up the second-best FSX performance of the third quarter.  Maybe I’m confusing my own view on the Marcus market—constructive to bullish—with his own perma-bear stance.  Of course, I would probably be more bearish if found myself the target of a world-wide mold conspiracy.  At least shark cabal can’t get to me on this side of the shoreline.
  • Brinkley (BCO -0.2%) and Katie (CATY -1.6%).   Both were winners on a relative basis, at least.  Strange that these two nocturnal foes should trade so similarly during a week when Brinkley has supposedly imposed his sleepless will on his mother.  A more suspicious person than I might wonder whether there’s not some sort of dark business afoot.  It’s fortunate that I’m so trusting, else I might suspect that Brinky is being subjected to the vapidity and banality that is that new 90210 show Katie watches, and worse still, that he likes it.  But I know my wife wouldn’t do that to my son, and so I’m not worried.  I just need to do a quick Google search or two before I move on to the real decliners; do you think there’s a hyphen in nanny-cam, or is it just one word?


  • Justin (WOLF) -4.1%.  I applaud Justin’s bravery, going to live with his almost-in-laws for some indefinite period of time.  My mother- and father-in-law are the best and I would never do that (as much for their sake as mine).  Alas, while the ladies may appreciate bravery, the market prefers knavery, and in this case, is still waiting for a clear view of Justin’s plans for the future.  It’s waiting on the same thing from me, though, and I’m eight years further along.
  • Lisa (LSI) -10.5%.  Sorry I made you take an interest in football, Lisa.  I wish I could take the market’s lashes for you, but I have an 80-cent stock, so you’re on your own.
  • Reagan (REGN) -12.1%.  In addition to sweaty kickiness, Reagan inherited from her father some unhelpfully high academic standards.  Her first progress report was unimpeachable from my perspective, but Reagan presented it like a failure.  First, she told me that she only got an S on all the behavior categories, but that it’s okay because her teacher told her that they don’t give Os anymore.  She showed me where it says that on her report card in case I didn’t believe her.  Clearly Reagan believes that she should have gotten all Os anyway (O was for Outstanding), and secretly she should have gotten Ps (for Perfect, of course).  She is also not secretly upset that she didn’t get 4s (above grade level) on all her academics, even though I don’t see how the teachers could have determined she was above grade level on everything this early in the year.  Some people, like Katie, exclusively blame themselves for their failures, and some people, like Hitler, exclusively blame others.  Reagan and I blame others and ourselves; so we try to destroy our enemies, then we work harder.
  • LULU -12.7%.  Katie’s clandestine Operation Dumb-Down does have its casualties (apart from the obvious one—America’s future).  Lulu has been forced to sleep on me at night, and I am, like Reagan, something of a sweaty kicker.
  • Lucas (LEI) -20.7%.  If not for poor, abandoned Zero, Lucas would have been the worst performer of the third quarter, down more than 54% in the past three months.  The good news is that middle school doesn’t last forever.  The bad news is that it feels like it does.  The worse news is that it’s followed by high school.  I hope you weren’t expecting something uplifting from me—I hated middle school.
  • Zero (FRZ) -25.1%.  This month was the second-worst for any member of the FSX this year (after me) and put the capper on the second-worst quarter in the history of the index (me, again).  Who would have thought that the dissolution of Team Charlotte would hit Zero the hardest?  It won’t be so bad now that it’s just the two of them.  I have fond memories of all the time Katie and I spent together, just the two of us, before all these other people showed up.  The most important thing to remember is this: if she needs to brush her teeth, just tell her.  Good communication is the key to a healthy marriage and minty-fresh breath.
Name Ticker 9/30/2011 Change
Brinkley BCO $23.31 -0.05
Charlotte ICE $118.26 -3.84
Dustin DST $43.83 +0.13
Icarus FLOW $2.21 -0.09
Jenny LEN $13.54 +0.14
Justin WOLF $2.56 -0.11
Katie CATY $11.38 -0.19
Lee MSTR $114.07 -1.34
Lee LEE $0.78 -0.06
Lisa LSI $5.18 -0.61
Lucas LEI $1.30 -0.34
Lulu LULU $48.69 -7.08
Marcus MCS $9.95 +0.06
Mario T.E. PBY $9.87 +0.36
Mario T.Y. SUP $15.45 +0.34
Marisa MOLX $20.37 -0.32
Nicole B. NI $21.38 +0.29
Nicole L. COL $52.76 +1.21
Reagan REGN $58.20 -7.99
Ruby RBY $3.44 -0.24
Wilson WILC $5.94 +0.07
Winston HWD $10.15 -0.52
Zero FRZ $1.25 -0.42
Zondro ZQK $3.05 -0.30

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  1. I hope the only reason Zero’s down is my bad breath. He seems pretty pumped about our new situation, and Justin even left us his Playstation, so Zero can play video games all the time still, and that alone would seem enough to make him an advancer. But maybe he just internalizes his sadness more than the rest of us. It’s true he’s only cried a total of maybe five times in the ten years we’ve been together.

    Comment by Charlotte — October 1, 2011 @ 20:28 | Reply

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