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September 29, 2011

Operation Simba – Strategic Depth

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Brinkley has come into his own as a strategist in the eighth month of our conflict.  I was going to say that he had achieved a breakthrough this week, but in fact my inclination to call it that belies my crippling insistence on linear strategy rather than deep strategy.  Katie and I had divided our forces from the beginning of Operation Simba–always a risky move against a powerful enemy–rotating front-line duties during the day (me) and at night (Katie) so that neither of us would have to take fire 24 hours at a stretch (and really, if I had to take 24 hours straight it would necessarily stretch into 36, as I don’t have the option to opt out of daytime duties).  What Brinkley finally realized is that our divided command could allow him to penetrate our defensive line at two points simultaneously, piercing tactical and operational depth of defense and compromising the strategic depth where critical decisions are made–that is, if he’s up to it.  Yesterday he proved that he is.  He stayed awake from 11 a.m. to almost 8 p.m.–Reagan still can’t always do that–and I had totally lost my composure by the end of the day, thinking about whether I could put enough duct tape around the lid of the garbage can that I was going to toss him in that he wouldn’t disturb the neighbors, but not so much that he couldn’t breathe.  It seemed like a dicey plan, so I called it off at the last minute.  When Katie got home from work, Brinkley refused to let up and by 7 p.m. she was hors de combat on the couch.  Then he was up again at 3 a. m. this morning and has fought through the day to this point with only a 90-minute nap from 7:40 to just after 9 a.m.  Katie and I are past coordinating maneuvers and are undoubtedly undermining each other’s separate initiatives.  If he can keep this up, he will get all up in our strategic reserves–if they even still exist–and leave us paralyzed.  Then he will be able to eat all the magazines in the house, which is all he really wants to do.  I think it would be too hot inside the garbage can now, else I might resurrect that idea for this afternoon.



  1. It’s hilarious to think of you putting Brinky in the garbage can.

    Comment by Sis — September 29, 2011 @ 13:37 | Reply

    • Yet somehow I’m convinced that before it was over I’d be the one in the can and he’d be crawling away to eat all the Kardashian faces out of an US Weekly.

      Comment by lbej — September 29, 2011 @ 13:45 | Reply

  2. But we love him anyway, right?

    I’m kind of over the standing in the crib. I thought it was cute and exciting the first time – for about 1 minute. Now it just makes it impossible to keep him down. When he just laid there screaming for a few minutes, I think it was just sort of like, oh, I am laying down and I’m getting tired of yelling so I’ll go to sleep. I think he can stand and talk/scream in there indefinitely.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — September 29, 2011 @ 14:10 | Reply

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