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September 20, 2011

Brinky Cup Standings – Week 2

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Football knowledge reasserts itself this week, as both Mario the Younger and his Dark counterpart go 13-3.  Dark Mario picked the same winners as regular Mario in all but 2 contests, thus missing the point of having an evil twin.  If you have an evil twin, you can do all the things you would do and all the things you wouldn’t do all at once.  Dark Lee and Lee picked eight games differently, and both of us managed to finish above .500 this week.  I may have to impose some kind of evil-twin-fail penalty if the Marios don’t get with the evil program.  With her second-straight 11-win week, Lisa holds on to a one-game overall points lead in a crowd of Marios.  At the bottom of the standings we find Jenny and Jodi Ann.  Jenny is basing her entire picks strategy on fear of the 49ers—she told me that it’s a good thing that the Steelers weren’t playing the 49ers, because she’d be too afraid to pick the Steelers.  I told her that she can’t pick against the Steelers because it’s against the rules, and the Miner 49er from Scooby Doo would have to come after all of us.  All of us except Jodi Ann, apparently, whose flagrant Seahawks pick was somehow not screened out by my VLOOKUPs this week.  What you get for picking against the Steelers is a 4-12 record, so let that be a lesson to everyone.  Here are the complete Week 2 results:

  • 13-3 (2):  Mario the Younger, Dark Mario
  • 11-5 (4):  Charlotte, Dark Lee, Lisa, Mario the Elder
  • 10-6 (1):  Tara
  • 9-7 (1):   Lee
  • 8-8 (2):   Justin, Katie
  • 7-9 (1):   Ruby
  • 6-10 (3):  Brinkley, Marcus, Reagan
  • 5-11 (1):  Jenny
  • 4-12 (1):  Jodi Ann

Brinky Cup Standings:

Games Back
Mario T.E. 1
Dark Mario 2
Mario T.Y. 2
Tara 3
Dark Lee 4
Charlotte 5
Ruby 5
Justin 6
Brinkley 6
Lee 7
Katie 8
Marcus 8
Reagan 8
Jenny 9
Jodi Ann 10


  1. I can see that I’m in my usual downward spiral. Oh well!

    Comment by Ruby Machi — September 20, 2011 @ 15:00 | Reply

    • Maybe next year you should consider having an evil twin.

      Comment by lbej — September 20, 2011 @ 15:10 | Reply

  2. No excuses here — okay, maybe one or two. I reversed my intricate system to disastrous results. I will never second guess myself again. Also, I was not made aware of the power of the Steelers — I can promise they will be in next week’s picks. In fact, I may pick them to win all the games.

    So much for a first impression!

    Comment by Jodi Ann — September 20, 2011 @ 18:07 | Reply

    • I think you’re safe, but only because the Steelers won. Otherwise, there would be nothing I could do to save you from Dark Mario.

      Comment by lbej — September 20, 2011 @ 19:28 | Reply

  3. Whoops. I definitely forgot to tell Jodi Ann the rules. And then I picked terribly. Remember the year that I came in one or two games behind Mario? Yeah, me neither. I think it was a different life.

    Comment by Marcus — September 21, 2011 @ 20:41 | Reply

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