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September 8, 2011

Picks Update Thursday

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Season starts tonight.  Here’s the status of picks:

Contestant Received
Katie Yes
Lee Yes
Dark Lee Yes
Jenny Yes
Reagan Yes
Brinkley Yes
Mario the Elder Yes
Ruby Yes
Mario the Younger Yes
Dark Mario Yes
Nicole L. NO
Dustin NO
Lisa NO
Lucas NO
Tara Yes
Marcus Yes
Jodi Ann Yes
Charlotte Yes
Zero NO
Justin Sort of
Nicole B. Sort of

To recap, I will need picks from the following folks by this evening, should they wish to participate: Nicole L., Dustin, Lisa, Lucas, Zero.  If anyone who hasn’t sent picks needs until this weekend to finish, he or she can just pick Saints/Packers tonight and send the rest on Saturday.  It’s also not necessary to make picks for the entire season should you wish to go week-to-week instead, and you believe you can stick with it.  Jenny, Reagan, Brinkley, Dark Mario, Dark Lee, Marcus and Jodi Ann are among the week-to-week-only contestants at this point.


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  1. I’ll try to get Zero to pick the first week when he gets home tonight. It’ll be hard. He never wants to do anything on the computer that doesn’t involve musical instruments. But I’m not going to tell you that my picks are his too, LIKE SOME PEOPLE I KNOW, because it took me a million years to do it, and I want all the credit.

    Comment by Charlotte — September 8, 2011 @ 18:37 | Reply

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