Mr. Sensitive

September 6, 2011

Cat Partisans

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Brinkley is not well-behaved today.  He is crawling now, which means his kamikaze tactics can be elevated to a higher level of lethality.  He has already proven more than willing to exchange injury to himself for insult to me–he’s attempted to throw himself violently from the couch many, many times, and has succeeded more than once.  Now that he is mobile, the impaling, bludgeoning, shredding and choking options are so abundant that he’s sometimes flummoxed by the variety (this has the delightful effect of slowing him down long enough for me to perceive the fastest route to pain and fury just before he does).  He napped briefly and badly this morning and was in terrible humor thereafter, so when I put him down at 11:00 I was expecting a substantial respite for both of us.  Half and hour later, his gibbering and squealing still thrummed through the monitor to torment me.  What was he doing?  As I’m sure the Empress already realized, he was playing with the stupid, fat cat.  When I went up to his room to crush his will with gas drops, I found Lulu in his crib, where they appeared to be playfully swatting at each other.  So I repositioned the baby and swatted at the cat myself, not so playfully this time.  Now the baby is quiet and the cat is staring death at me from the family room.  But what is to be done?  Brinky loves animals and animals love Brinky.  There are worse problems to have, I suppose, especially with cats and dogs already firmly entrenched.  But ask me if I still feel that way when he’s still awake at 3:00.



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  2. It’s true. I did realize what was happening as soon as I read that you heard him having a party in his crib through the monitor. I hope he sleeps better now.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — September 6, 2011 @ 14:26 | Reply

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