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September 5, 2011

Picks Update

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Jenny and Reagan have now done their week 1 football picks.  Jenny refused to allow Reagan to be in the room during her selections, and Reagan reciprocated.  The only game that piqued the interest of either–and it drew comment from both–was Seattle at San Francisco.

Jenny’s take:  I always pick the 49ers.  It’s because there was a Scooby Doo episode with the Miner 49er and I was scared of him.   I always pick the 49ers so I won’t have to be scared anymore.

Reagan’s take:  49ers?  What’s wrong with them?  Is everybody on their team 49 or something?

I am already keeping score when it comes to FSX members getting their picks to us like I requested (politely and allowing plenty of time).  I consider this to be the ultimate test of our familial bond–never mind the funerals and births and assorted crises, this is the proving ground.  I’ve split us into three teams.  All you have to do to put one in the win column is send me the picks–if all you can do this week is week 1, as long as you do it by Thursday we’re cool.  Here are the records as of Monday afternoon:

Machis and associates: 2-5

Imperial Eures: 4-1

Non-Imperial Eures and associates:  0-5-1



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