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September 2, 2011

Shut Your Robot Hole

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They really dropped the ball on Yo Gabba Gabba this morning.  Muno was refusing to take a bath because he was busy playing with his wrestler action figures–a perfectly defensible position, I thought–and Plex was all up in his business about it.  Plex actually said, “You know Muno, if I wasn’t a robot, I’d take a bath every day.”  God, I hate it when people and robots are like that.  Politicians are the worst, and rich patrician politicians are the double-worst.  “I would certainly never begrudge any of my fellow Americans their hard-earned success and fortune,” they say.  Translated, that means, “Even if I weren’t rich, and everyone I know wasn’t rich, and I lived in an aluminum shack in the woods with four generations of my family like you, I would still vote for rich people to pay no taxes because taxes are for socialists.”  To which I say, if you’re so virtuous, shut your robot hole and get in the bathtub.

Update: I thought of what Muno should have said.  “Fair enough, Plex,” he should have said.  “If I was a robot, and not an awesome bumpy red cyclops, I would eat motor oil and poop hex nuts.  But instead I’m just going to play with my wrestler action figures, and you can go suck on a widget.”


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