Mr. Sensitive

August 27, 2011

Secret War

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My daughters are beautiful, intelligent, and endearingly irascible young ladies.  They are also filthy wreckers.  If you asked them if they have done their chores, they will reflexively answer ‘yes.’  If you press them, they might allow for a qualified yes.  One of their chores is to keep their room clean.  This is their room this morning:

Would you say that this room is clean?  You would not.  Who is to blame?  Well, they are.  But I am not without some culpability, as is their mother, the Empress.  Both of us are, you might say, domestically casual.  We are not wreckers.  However, it does not bother either of us to leave a thing in the place where we used it rather than in the place where it belongs.  Nowadays I fight very hard against this tendency in myself; Katie does not.  My mother was the same way, as our recent viewings of home movies from my youth make clear.  Like her parents, Reagan is domestically casual; once she’s done using something and the thing leaves her hands, it simultaneously and entirely leaves her mind as well.  Has Reagan ever poured herself a beverage and returned the bottle or jug to the refrigerator.  She has not.  And Jenny is a wrecker.  Their room is the result, the joint product of disregard and sabotage.  It will surprise you not at all, then, to learn that I have declared war.  But it is a Secret War, and so there will be no propaganda, no diplomacy, no orders of battle.  Operations will be conducted during the still hours of the day; operations will be structured so that no permanent forward positions are needed; combined organization/attrition operations will be the norm, so that the girls focus on the order provided rather than the junk removed.  Whatever they are left with when the Secret War is over, it will be more than they deserve.  We begin on Monday, unless Brinkley doesn’t nap well.



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  2. They’ll have no idea if you get rid of something.

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