Mr. Sensitive

August 25, 2011

Sex Education

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I figured there would be no sex ed until middle school, but Jenny and Reagan just got home from the first day of the new school year, and now I’m thinking maybe NC is more progressive than I thought.

Jenny:  Today we were learning about consumers, you know, and piranhas.

Katie:  I have no idea what you could mean.

Jenny:  Consumers and producers.  That’s what I said.  You know, the different kinds of orgasms.

Me:  [conspicuously unparental cackle]

Jenny:  You know, organisms.  Organisms.  What’s funny?

Katie:  It’s just a very different word that you said before.

Jenny:  [already not listening]

I think Jenny has no idea what she said or why it was funny.  But I blame Friends for what I really hope was not a Freudian slip.  And I can’t explain the piranhas at all, but I really, really hope they’re not related.



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