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August 17, 2011

Deep Blue Sea

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The girls and I watched Deep Blue Sea again last night.  I’m not going to attempt an exhaustive explanation of how it is easily one of the top 20 movies of all time because I have other things to do today and all day is how long that would take.  Simply put, if you can’t enjoy Deep Blue Sea, you hate life and fun.  I wrote down two fantastic lines during this viewing, ones that are delivered early in the movie when some of the actors and writers didn’t yet realize they were making a comedy.  How I imagine it is that there were two guys collaborating on the script: the artiste, and the writer.  Eventually the artiste stormed off the set to write his special thoughts in his moleskine notebook in solitude and the writer took over, but there are some undeniable moments of poetry early on.  Here’s how they wrote it.

Artiste:  And then the female marine biologist looks at the water and–

Writer:  The mousy blonde chick?

Artiste:  I don’t know.  So she looks at the water and she says, “Beneath this glassy surface, a world of gliding monsters.”  Isn’t that beautiful?

Writer:  Is she saying that to Sam Jackson?

Artiste:  I told you I don’t know who the actors are, my job is to give them beautiful things to say.

Writer:  I think she’s talking to Sam.  He’ll know what to do with that flowery shit.  It’ll work.

Artiste:  Flowery?

Writer:  And then the sharks are going to eat her in a flooded stairwell.

Artiste:  Well, you can script that part.

Writer:  Pretty sure I just did.  But go on.

Artiste:  Okay, well, there’s another biologist, sort of a tough guy–

Writer:  My kind of tough guy or your kind of tough guy?

Artiste:  I don’t know what you mean by my kind of–

Writer:  He’s wearing a lab coat?

Artiste:  That’s how I see it, but you could put him in a vest.  With pockets.

Writer:  And he went to grad school for like, 15 years?

Artiste:  He’s a world-renowned marine biolog–

Writer:  Your kind of tough guy, then.  Finish what you were saying.

Artiste:  So he’s talking to the corporate guy on the rig, and–

Writer:  Please tell me that’s Sam.

Artiste:  I think so.

Writer:  Perfect.  Go on.

Artiste:  And they’re talking about how sharks are the oldest creatures in the world, and–

Writer:  You know that’s not even close to true, right?

Artiste:  Does it matter?

Writer:  Not a bit.  Go on.

Artiste:  And he pauses, and it’s like he’s swimming with the sharks in a prehistoric ocean.  In his mind.

Writer:  I figured.

Artiste:  But it’s like he’s there.  And he says, “A time when the world was just flesh and teeth.”

Writer:  Sam’s gonna love that one.

Artiste:  Wait a minute.  He’s not going to act like it’s a stupid line, right?

Writer:  Of course not.  He’s a professional actor.  He’d be insulting the audience if he pointed that out.  Even our audience.

Artiste:  This biologist, he’s like Indiana Jones.

Writer:  Mmm-hmm.  He’s gonna be smoking a cigarette right next to the shark–they’ve got the shark up in their lab and they’re injecting stuff into it’s brain–and–

Artiste:  You know sharks can’t breathe out of water?

Writer:  The sharks are super-smart.  They have super-smart lungs.  Stay with me.  Anyway, your flesh-and-teeth guy is smoking a cigarette right beside this sedated super-shark, only it’s not sedated!  It’s faking!  And it lunges at him and bites off his arm!

Artiste:  The arm with the cigarette?

Writer:  Yes!  Layers of meaning, right?  And then they get the guy on a gurney and they’re hoisting him up into an evac helicopter, but there’s a hurricane and the pulley breaks and the gurney falls into the ocean with sharks!  And it’s still attached to the helicopter!

Artiste:  You’re kidding.

Writer:  Not even a little!  So the sharks grab the submerged gurney with their super-teeth and they drag the helicopter into the control tower on the rig, and the whole thing blows up!  That’s how they start sinking the rig and eating everybody.

Artiste:  That’s how you kill Indiana Jones?

Writer:  Oh, he’s not dead.  Five minutes later, Sam spots something through the giant glass window of the underwater lab, and one of the sharks has the biologist on the gurney, in its mouth.  And it throws the gurney at the window to smash it open!  And you see your boy’s face as he’s flying toward the window!  You see the realization of what the sharks are doing in his eyes!

Artiste:  He’s still alive after five minutes under water with no arm?

Writer:  In a world of flesh and teeth.

Artiste:  I quit.



  1. Perfect.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — August 17, 2011 @ 09:48 | Reply

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  3. I love this post. And, I can’t believe I have never seen this movie. I must remedy that 🙂

    Comment by Lisa Lamb Machi — August 17, 2011 @ 10:10 | Reply

  4. I like the new picture.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — August 17, 2011 @ 14:39 | Reply

  5. This is excellent.

    Comment by Sis — August 18, 2011 @ 00:08 | Reply

  6. Outstanding. I’ve also just learned that Jodi Ann hasn’t seen this movie, and now I have to figure out how to set it up for her. Because she has no idea about the Sam Jackson scene. I hope I don’t pull a Dad and ruin it a few minutes before it happens.

    Comment by Marcus — August 18, 2011 @ 20:33 | Reply

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