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July 29, 2011

FSX Friday Update

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The market is beginning to show real signs of stress due to the fears of the richies that they won’t be able to control the crazies in their own, dysfunctional party.  I think it is just fantastic that the crazies refused to back their own Speaker’s debt compromise—he put himself out there, trying to lead, and they just turned around and dropped trou, in unison.  I love it.  Don’t try to fight it, Republicans.  This thing was meant to be.  The only way that the American people can get over their Tea Party dalliance is to get a big mouthful of the mayhem the crazies intend to bring about.  The richies wanted to stick it to Obama so badly that they eschewed both traditional right and left and pandered to crazy.  They endorsed anyone who could polarize voters and get people to the polls and it won the Republicans control of the House.  Now they must be wondering if they’re really in control of anything.  It’s beautiful.  The flash crash of 2009—a 1,000 point drop on the Dow in the span of 10 minutes—is still the most exciting moment of my life.  Except for the birth of my children, blah, blah, blah.  But I’m greedy.  I want to see 2,000 points down, and I’m starting to think these lunatics are going to make it happen for me.  Separately, if you are one of those people who believe we’re living in the end times—whatever that means—and you are also a Congressman, and you are supposed to vote on a bill that has long-term implications for government spending, taxes, and entitlement programs, shouldn’t you have to recuse yourself?  If you think Jesus is coming to take you to Heaven in the next few months or so, maybe you should leave the long-term planning to the people who expect to still be here.  Just a thought.

The Family Stock Index outperformed the S&P 500 during this miserable week, declining just 2.8% versus a 3.9% loss on the broader index.  This performance advantage is slightly misleading, however, because we were 20 points lighter until Ruby and Lisa blasted off on Thursday—more on them presently.  In general, if the headline percentage change in the FSX is truly indicative, there ought to be approximately the same number of components that did better than that composite number as those that did worse.  Think of it like a see-saw: you can guess at which way it is going to tip based on the number of kids on each side…but not if a couple of those kids are really, really fat.  We have a lot of kids on the down side, but Ruby, Lisa, and Zero were super fat this week, so the balance is off.  In fact, the rest of us should be grateful that they had extra helpings of the bullish cheesecake, else we’d have tested the 2011 lows.  It may still happen next week—if there’s no debt ceiling extension, we’ll blow right through.


  • Lisa (LSI) +9.7%.  Happy to be going to the beach with three kids.
  • Ruby (RBY) +24.6%.  Happy to be going any place but the beach with three kids.  (No doubt Ruby could contest that assessment, but the market doesn’t allow for appeals.)
  • Zero (FRZ) +8.7%.  No big Zero news has crossed the wire this week.  He and Charlotte went on their belated honeymoon two weeks ago, but the market is forward-looking and wouldn’t give a flying crap how much fun it was.  Team Charlotte are going to have to decide what to do with themselves when Justin finishes at Northwestern in August, and Katie tells me that Charlotte and Zero haven’t made their decision.  That’s what she says, but the market seems to be buying aggressively here.   SECRET DECISION?


  • Reagan (REGN) -7.7%.  Reagan is a high-risk, high-reward play on adolescence and young adulthood.  On the one hand, she is intelligent, inquisitive and industrious.  On the other hand, she falls all the time.  This past week she skinned her knee in the parking lot at Great Wolf Lodge and got a big purple knot on her forehead owing to an accident with a picnic table.  Reagan and Jenny went to a park with the family of some of their friends on Wednesday, and Reagan apparently leaned down to grab something she dropped and hit her head on a table.  I’m not clear on two things: first, why she didn’t see that there was a table in between her and the ground and, second, why she lunged for whatever it was so incredibly hard.  Did she drop something that was going to get away?  Was it a snake?  I will have to work to help Reagan to reach the same point in life that I have: always believe in your ability to understand even the most daunting and sophisticated concepts, and never believe that you are going to be able to walk from the living room to the bathroom without running into something.
  • Mario T.Y. (SUP) -8.0%.  Bad car week for Mario.  He was vexed by a costly fit of colorblindness, but the real issue is that he had to ride with Nicole most of the week and so he wasn’t able to talk to his beloved sister on his way to and from work every day.  Or that’s what I’m told.
  • Dustin (DST) -8.8%.  Maybe Ruby could use some help on the ‘business trip’ she’s taking during triple-kid week at the beach.  It’s not too late to escape…unless it is.
  • Katie (CATY) -10.0%.  Tough week for the Empress.  She is facing four separate but simultaneous audits at work (external financial audit, internal financial audit, tax audit, IRS audit) and the Sleep War against Brinky is no less ferocious for being as-yet undeclared.  The real problem, though, is Jenny.  The newly-minted ten-year-old has been stomping and moping and griping her way through the first month of her eleventh year with unprecedented anti-vigor.  I just finished cleaning up the carnage from Jenny’s first decade: I fixed the ceilings, painted the walls, replaced the carpet, and cleared out the broken toys and shredded books.  The next decade’s disaster is going to be hormonal and emotional, and that is all Katie.  Good luck, Mommy.  I’ll be busy trying to get Brinkley to aim for the toilet.
  • Winston (HWD) -10.3%.  I was happy to see the NFL labor dispute resolved this week, as we are planning on resurrecting the weekly football picks competition this year, now with expert selections by Brinky.  Alas, not everyone can claim a victory with the return of football (did it really go somewhere?).  Mario is undoubtedly hard at work on his fantasy team, so Winston’s dreams of a fall replete with long, unhurried walks and games of fetch have been definitively dashed.  Thus he will find himself hopelessly jealous of Icarus once again.  But I’m sure Nicole B. will welcome him back to the club.
Name Ticker 7/29/2011 Change
Brinkley BCO $29.84 -1.55
Charlotte ICE $123.30 -4.42
Dustin DST $51.19 -4.91
Icarus FLOW $3.41 -0.04
Jenny LEN $17.69 -0.91
Justin WOLF $3.48 -0.01
Katie CATY $13.86 -1.54
Lee MSTR $159.37 -12.31
Lee LEE $0.91 -0.04
Lisa LSI $7.36 +0.65
Lucas LEI $2.69 -0.16
Lulu LULU $60.54 -2.90
Marcus MCS $9.68 -0.38
Mario T.E. PBY $10.75 -0.61
Mario T.Y. SUP $20.24 -1.77
Marisa MOLX $23.48 -1.72
Nicole B. NI $20.13 -0.93
Nicole L. COL $55.09 -2.32
Reagan REGN $53.06 -4.41
Ruby RBY $4.20 +0.83
Wilson WILC $6.48 -0.46
Winston HWD $15.57 -1.79
Zero FRZ $2.99 +0.24
Zondro ZQK $5.26 -0.19

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  1. Actually, I’m up this week due to a lack of children (Dustin and I are headed to Baltimore to see Steely Dan). Grandpa will be hosting all three grandkids on his own this week… we don’t arrive in Hilton Head until Aug. 7. Although I really hope the girls are still there so I can see them for a bit before they return home 🙂

    Comment by Lisa Lamb Machi — July 30, 2011 @ 08:34 | Reply

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