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July 16, 2011

Saxons And Spiders

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The spiders are beginning to encroach upon higher-traffic areas in the basement.  An especially nasty W-class has set up shop at the base of the passage between the Apple Floor Room and the garage, and I’ve done nothing, largely because he’s doing a terrific business of catching other crawlies—more than he can eat in a sitting or two, from the look of his web.  Jenny and Reagan have reported several H2 spiders in the AFR.  I know, of course, that they hunt in the lower regions of the Empire, routinely but discretely.  Reagan’s report came from a night when she and her friend insanely decided to spend the night in the AFR, and I don’t fault the H2s for being unprepared for that.  Jenny reported one moving about during the day, and that is more problematic.  There are webs in many corners, as well, and considerable evidence of spidery feasting.  I can pardon or dismiss each individual incident, but the preponderance has begun to claw at my mind when I’m in the basement on ordinary business.  It’s not a feeling that I can ignore, not when the shadow of the past still so quickly and easily darkens my thoughts.  I have been focused on consolidating my gains in and around the pond and I know I am overlooking the increased spider activity in the basement.  I know I am doing it.  I want to be less concerned about them, I want to trust their wisdom and their instincts, the cumulative effect of which should be to keep them the hell away from me.  I want that, and I should not want that.  I will defer to Frederick the Great on this point.  Here is what he had to say about his preemptive strike on Saxony in 1756:

“Hostilities should not be confused with aggression.  The one who makes the first plan to attack his neighbor breaks the engagements that he has undertaken for the peace, he plots, he conspires; this is in what true aggression consists.  The one who has learned of it and who does not take the initiative is a coward; the one who foresees the plan of his enemy commits the first hostilities, but he is not the aggressor.”

The spiders trespassing in the basement, like the Saxons antagonizing Prussia, are the instruments of a greater power.  This much is obvious; it is doltish and naïve to even consider that they could do what they are doing without the support of the Yard Dominion.  When Frederick attacked Saxony, he was truly striking a blow against Austria.  I think of the relationship between the Empire and the Yard Dominion of the Spiders as contextually similar to that between Prussia and Austria in the decade or so following the Silesian Wars of the 1740s, during which Frederick seized Silesia from an overwhelmed Maria Theresa of Austria.  She signed treaties acknowledging Prussia’s sovereignty in Silesia, but there was no court in Europe where it was believed that she would not act to reverse her loss as soon as she had the military and diplomatic wherewithal to do so.  By the middle of the next decade, the Austrian Empress was ready, and Frederick knew it.  If anything, he waited too long.  If he was willing to preempt Maria Theresa with an attack on Saxony, he should have done it a few years earlier, before she was able to lay the groundwork to bring France and Russia into an anti-Prussia coalition.  He was too busy playing pen-pal with Voltaire to aggressively oppose the forces aligning against him.  I will not make his mistake.  If the Yard Dominion is planning an attack, they will do it later in the summer when they have the strength, and they will attack the basement and the pond at once, thinking perhaps that I will yield one to fortify the other.  So I attack now.  I will bomb the Apple Floor Room, then attack with the leaf blower and, if necessary, the pressure washer.  I will kill them all, and when they come back, they will remember.  I don’t need them to be terrified, just hesitant.


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