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July 16, 2011

Bad Dora

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I like Dora The Explorer, the show, but Dora herself is a weak link.  She tries to interact with you, but she can’t, of course, and the result is this perverse relationship in which everyone is talking and no one is listening.  I have begun to wonder if kids’ shows like this have something to do with why Jenny is the way she is.  Jenny asks questions in order to get a certain answer, and she proceeds as though the expected answer was given even if it was not.

Jenny:  I think that Harry Potter is the best thing in the universe, ever.  Don’t you think so, Daddy?

Me:  I don’t think that at all.  Maybe if you read something else, anything else, you would have a basis for comparison.

Jenny:  Mmm-hmm.

Me:  Did you ask me that for a reason?  Did you listen to anything I said?

Jenny:  Can I use your computer?  I need to check my gmail.

I have a similar conversation with Dora at the end of every episode I watch with Brinkley.

Dora:  We had lots of fun today.  What was your favorite part?

Me:  The part where I laced Boots’ banana with a slow-acting poison.  It should be taking effect right now.

Dora:  I liked that too.

Boots:  [dead]

Dora:  My favorite part was when we shared our cookies with Swiper.

Me:  Banana wing damage.

Dora:  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks for helping!

I think Dora shouldn’t ask questions if she’s not going to listen to the answers.  Although maybe I should be asking myself why I always answer.



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  2. But Harry Potter is the best thing in the universe.

    Comment by Sis — July 17, 2011 @ 23:19 | Reply

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