Mr. Sensitive

July 13, 2011

Battle Of The Corn

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Parents are supposed to be extra careful about what new foods we introduce to our babies so that we can identify potential food allergies.  The Empress has told me we’re supposed to space out new foods by at least three days to isolate any complications; fortunately for the already parlous state of Operation Simba, she has no more inclination to impose such a testing program than I have the discipline or energy to carry one out.  My question for the world of pediatricians and baby foodists is what about corn?  Why don’t you warn us about that, jerks?  Of course babies can’t properly digest corn, because no one can.  My belief about corn is that you should not be allowed to eat it until you can deal with the resulting poopy buckshot on your own.  I foolishly fed Brinkley a jar of something called Sweet Corn Casserole Monday morning and I have been paying for the error since then.  If our diaper run rate hasn’t doubled, it’s certainly up by at least fifty percent.  Maybe I should make the baby some Corn N’ Spinach Delight and ruin my week completely.


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