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June 25, 2011

FSX Q3 Changes And Flip-Flopping Related Thereto

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The second quarter of 2011 comes to an end Thursday, and I’m finding myself uncharacteristically uninspired.  Perhaps others would not credit me with having made any inspired selections heretofore, but such people should see if they can do any better.  Seriously, they should.  I am drafting Katie and my hussars/interns to pitch in this time, and you can be assured of one thing: any selections made for the third quarter that are inappropriate or offensive to anyone will, preemptively, be Katie’s fault.

I have done a great deal of thinking about the karmic feasibility of dropping LEE as my FSX representative, and I am working my way around to a solution that I hope will be as dissatisfying and infuriating as I am.  In addition, ZRAN is fixing to be acquired in the third quarter and I have to find a new stock for Zondro one way or the other, probably the other.  I am appending to this post a list of current FSX members and their Q2 stocks, along with a percentage representing the extent to which I am inclined, at this moment, to make a change for Q3.  Katie is heading the FSX selection committee that I just made up; whether she elicits help from the girls, Brinky, or anyone else is entirely up to her, unless and until the process runs afoul of me somehow and I have a big snit about it.  I have the last word, but not the first word, not this time.  Katie has until Wednesday to make her final recommendations, I’ll decide on Thursday, and the changes will go into effect Friday.  What could possibly go wrong?

Member Ticker Company Change
Lulu LULU Lululemon Athletica 0%
Brinkley BCO Brink’s Company 0%
Marisa MOLX Molex 0%
Justin WOLF Great Wolf Resorts 0%
Katie CATY Cathay General Bancorp 0%
Reagan REGN Regeneron Pharmaceuticals 0%
Marcus MCS Marcus Corporation 0%
Icarus FLOW Flow International 0%
Charlotte ICE IntercontinentalExchange 5%
Wilson WILC G. Willi-Food International 5%
Lucas LEI Lucas Energy 10%
Dustin DST DST Systems 10%
Nicole L. COL Rockwell Collins 10%
Zero FRZ Reddy Ice 10%
Nicole B. NI NiSource 15%
Jenny LEN Lennar 20%
Lisa LSI LSI Logic 20%
Mario T.Y. SUP Superior Industries 25%
Ruby RBY Rubicon Minerals 30%
Mario T.E. PBY Pep Boys 30%
Winston HWD Harry Winston 40%
Lee LEE Lee Enterprises 50%
Zondro ZRAN Zoran Corp 100%

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