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June 22, 2011

Prussian Approach To Morale

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Let there be no mistake: the girls will obey me right now because I will pound them if they don’t.  This is a demoralizing approach to discipline, I know, and I would not adhere to such except for a short time and at great need.  I am not going to waste my time and effort trying to motivate my hussars, absent a framework of incentives that is agreed upon by all parties, the Empress included.  I expect to create such a framework over the weekend–chores and a weekly allowance–but I find myself on the tactical defensive this week and I’m not able to formulate a multi-week strategy on my own right now.  Basically, I wrecked myself last week and it’s hitting me now, so I’m relying on feints and screens to conceal my weakness from Brinkley in order to get to the weekend and re-form ranks.  I don’t think I’m fooling him, but neither do I think he’s in top form himself.  In any event, this is the first week the girls have been home for summer break and disorder prevails.  Jenny had AG testing (accelerated & gifted? aktiengesellschaft?  who knows?)  Monday and Tuesday morning and it wore her out.  She’s been useless in the afternoon of both days, but I think she was put through the wringer and she earned the uselessness she so heartily embraced.  In fact, I’m not expecting a positive contribution from of either of them this week, but I am expecting them to stay above the fray if they aren’t prepared to help me win it.  I have but five words of instruction for Jenny and Reagan: do not wake your brother.  Fail me, and you will envy the lot of a Saxon farmer conscripted into a Prussian regiment during the Seven Years War.  And that was a bad lot.

I think the cat just woke the baby with its yowling.  If so, I’m going to strangle it and put it out with the trash.

Just kidding, probably.



  1. Stupid cats.

    AG is Academically Gifted. I thought it was accelerated and gifted, but I read the sheet they handed out on Monday and noticed it was Academically Gifted.

    I hope the day improves.

    Comment by Katie E. — June 22, 2011 @ 10:06 | Reply

    • AG is the suffix for a German corporation, similar to Inc. in the United States (i.e., Volkswagen AG, Bayer AG). It is short for Aktiengesellshaft. Clearly, Jenny is attempting to incorporate in Germany. We should have a talk with her about that.

      Comment by lbej — June 22, 2011 @ 11:16 | Reply

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