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June 21, 2011

Status Of Ongoing Operations

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Operation Lillypad:

  • The water in the pond is much clearer and the filtration system is working well.  My expectations have been greatly exceeded in this regard.  I count two big koi and at least 20 goldfish.  No frogs detected as yet, but it’s early.
  • The water level is doubtful.  It is falling faster than my expectations, but I am refraining from panic because the expectations in question are based on almost nothing.  I don’t see any points along the perimeter of pond where water is clearly leaking out, and it seems unlikely that we could have a leak somewhere in the depths.  Were that the case, the pond would have emptied itself during the years of neglect, and it never did.  Nothing Justin and I did during last week’s operations disturbed the depths.  So I detect nothing on the perimeter and suspect nothing in the nethers, yet the water is dropping throughout the day and night.  For now, I see little alternative but to fill the pond when I wish to run the pump, and otherwise to watch and wait.
  • My right leg is also doubtful.  I thorned it up pretty good on the first day of OLP last week and so I cleaned the worst of the wounds and bandaged them.  All the bandages on my arms and hands came loose during subsequent exertions and were reinspected and replaced, but the one on my lower leg remained in place until two days ago.  When I removed it then, it was immediately clear that I ought to have done so earlier.  I was exposed to innumerable allergens and irritants last week.  I expect that this is some kind of localized reaction and that it will go away on its own.  If anyone knows otherwise, I would appreciate a heads-up.

Operation Simba

  • Brinkley’s grandparents and his aunt (his mother, too, for that matter) were obviously very good to him during his visit to the beach last week, and now he is wondering–loudly–why they have abandoned once again to the calculating ministrations of his nemesis/father.  He is less willing to be put down than ever, which is, I’m afraid, just too damn bad.  I am no less willing to put him down, and so we are at an impasse.  For the moment, I am stronger than Brinkley, so my viewpoint prevails.
  • In a related point, he is a giant tiny person.  How can he be filling out 12-month clothes when he’s half that age?  His bulk is rapidly developing into a new and most effective weapon.  I hyperextended my elbow lifting him out of the exersaucer yesterday, and no one is more assiduous when it comes to exploiting a weakness than Brinkley.  I am going to have get stronger, and fast.
  • He took a four-hour nap yesterday.  I draw two conclusions from this.  First, he sleeps more soundly when I let him have some part in settling himself down to sleep.  When I rock him to sleep and then set him down, he has to go through a somnambulatory wriggling and burrowing process, and sometimes he is unable to do that without rousing himself.  On the other hand, if I get him sleepy before I lay him down but don’t let him actually fall asleep, he does his wriggling and burrowing while he’s falling asleep and there are fewer perturbations thereafter.  The second conclusion is less definitive.  One super-long nap gives the day a very different structure than two shorter naps, and I’m not sure I prefer the former to the latter.  A protracted nap means an equally protected time awake, and neither Brinkley nor I enjoyed that aspect of it yesterday.  He doesn’t have that much to do and I don’t have that much to do with him, so we’re better off with more frequent, if shorter, respites.  Yesterday may have been an aberration; time will tell.
  • I love my son and I’m glad he’s back.

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