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August 13, 2010

FSX Friday Update

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So that happened.  The economy is headed back into recession, Cisco’s customers are grumpy, and China and Apple maybe aren’t going to have a World’s Finest superhero team-up to save us all.  Stock prices were under attack last week, as if, perhaps, by weird alien creatures.

You know, for example.  The Family Stock Index took a real beating, losing 6.7% to close at 926.85, a performance significantly more dreadful than the 3.8% loss on the S&P.  Unlike last week, the breadth was terrible as well, confirming the downward move, with 19 of 20 components lower.  We’re now back at a one-month low.  I blame myself, or rather, the enemies secretly spritzing my headquarters with microbes.   On to the damage report.


  • Wilson (WILC) +0.7% (Yeah, I don’t know.  He looks a little better in light of all the hall-peeing from the other dog, but not a lot better.  He’d do it too except his pee is neon and I’d catch him.)


  • Katie (CATY) -11.7% (No kisses from me the whole week.  It’s got to be torture.)
  • Marcus (MCS) -12.8% (Not the best week for my bigger little brother.  Bad behavior from his not-soon-enough-to-be-ex-wife seems to have the perverse effect of invoking for him the times when she hasn’t been as unambiguously despicable, all four of them.  His corporate avatar doesn’t like it.  The market wants MCS to stay the course.  For the record, so do I.)
  • LEE -14.4% (Ten straight days with a fever now–a personal record.  Unfortunately, not the sort of record the market rewards.)

Dots and dollar signs:


Name 8/13/10 Change
Charlotte $13.46 -0.81
Dustin $41.16 -0.45
Icarus $9.78 -0.47
Jenny $13.33 -1.06
Justin $2.03 -0.18
Katie $10.46 -1.38
Lee $2.43 -0.41
Lisa $8.05 -0.71
Lucas $1.70 -0.19
Lulu $37.88 -2.18
Machis $8.65 -0.01
Marcus $10.90 -1.60
Mario $19.40 -0.67
Marisa $18.67 -1.66
Nicole B. $16.57 -0.23
Nicole L. $55.46 -3.01
Reagan $23.56 -1.29
Wilson $5.99 +0.04
Zero $0.35 -0.03
Zondro $4.86 -0.03


  1. Yes, torture.

    Comment by Katie — August 14, 2010 @ 15:30 | Reply

  2. I really wonder if this isn’t some kind of sigil now. I’ve had a hard go of it these last ten days, and there’s my stock, dropping hard. Before that, its uptick corresponded to my own. I feel as if I am at a precipitous point. Can I undo the sigil-thread here if I say that the next two weeks, with school encroaching and various realities setting in, will be awful? Will the stock reflect that? Let’s see.

    Comment by M. Eure — August 17, 2010 @ 20:23 | Reply

    • MCS is up so far this week, probably because you like school. I know the preparation is grueling and that there is a lot of bureaucratic garbage that frustrates you, but you know you’re doing important work that helps people and that you enjoy. It reminds me about how our Dad felt about running his practice. He loved seeing patients, but to hear him tell it the administrative crap took up more of his time than the actual practice of medicine. He spent hours every night in his office at home filling out charts and doing other paperwork, and he hated it. He complained about it all the time, about how filling out forms is not what he went to medical school for, and so much of it was unnecessary, and it was time he could have been using to see more patients, and so on. But then he would go back to his patients the next day, and he would change somebody’s life, maybe even save it, and he loved his job again. Of course, later on it would be back to the paperwork and the complaining, and there’s nothing wrong with a little bitching and moaning here and there. I think complaining tastefully helps keep the frustrations out in front of you so they can be managed. The point is that your job is a net positive for you, so don’t be shocked if MCS reflects that. Of course, if I’ve misread the situation and your job isn’t a net positive, you should do something else, for real. Another thing to learn from Dad is that if what you really want is to be something completely different, a famous toilet seat-latch inventor, for example, you better get on that. You drag your feet on something like that and millions of toilets are left tragically unlatched for all time.

      Comment by lbej — August 18, 2010 @ 09:13 | Reply

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