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July 29, 2010

Six Day War – Day Four

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Efforts continued last night well until past 9 p.m. with better than anticipated results.  I now consider my mother to have been diluted to a safe concentration.  The last of the clothes, books, and pictures are gone, and thus my mother’s Army of Failure can never again pose a threat to the integrity and momentum of my own personal enterprise.   I will review the Operation Mortal Coil aims and objectives list once more this morning with a view towards a formal settlement at the weekend.  But it was not just the Army of Failure that I faced this week, but a coalition between it and the artifacts of my own disarray.  With the greater threat neutralized I see the lesser as an opportunity to be seized more than as a challenge to be faced, much as Austerlitz represented for Napoleon not only the necessity of a check against the Russians but also the opportunity to put Austria in her place once again.  Many foes I had forgotten (An unwieldy iPod speaker system?  A hand-crank radio?  A midget slow-cooker?) were seemingly unleashed with the emptying of the office, the master bedroom and Jenny’s room, and they are now arrayed in the dining room.  With the Army of Failure knocked out of the conflict altogether, this Army of the Unnecessary is all that stands between me and total victory.  I have the whole of today to force a decision.


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  1. I still think I would use the little slow-cooker. I got it for use at holidays when I’m making lots of different food. So we need it obviously.

    Comment by Katie — July 29, 2010 @ 15:11 | Reply

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