Mr. Sensitive

July 26, 2010

Six Day War

I have been nibbling at three broad strategic initiatives I have described before as Operation Mortal Coil, Operation Coda, and the Pet Nasty War.  Ordinarily all three are subordinate to what I shall call Operation Fun Citizen, the more-or-less systematic discharge of my responsibilities as primary caregiver and life commander for the children.  My objective is to let them have some fun over the summer whilst learning things that will, in my judgment, make them more thoughtful citizens as they mature.  They are my gift to the future of humanity and efforts to temper them accordingly take precedence over whatever other aims I might have.  I cannot countenance anyone else having sustained control over the children equal to mine, but that is not to say I can’t make use of the occasional holiday.  And so it is now that they are visiting their grandparents in Hilton Head this week, having left yesterday and planning to return next Saturday.  That gives me a period of six days to devote to OMC, Coda, and Pet Nasty.  This Six Day War began yesterday afternoon with the laying of a new floor in the office, the reclamation of which was a key objective in the Pet Nasty War.  I will finish transforming said office by the end of the day tomorrow.  There is a thick layer of sawdust on everything in the room owing to the sanding of the floor and the final disposition of furniture and other items cannot be made until the room is cleaned yet again.  Once that is done, I will return for the last time to Operation Mortal Coil.   I judge that I need one last great retrospective and ritual filing-away, what I suspect will amount to a controlled demolition.  This is best undertaken while the girls are away, as the emphasis will be on the demolition and not so much on the control.  Thus I will have put my mother away where I mean for her to remain, and I can have a better look at myself.  I’m putting that on the schedule for Thursday.



  1. Is there an official operation for dealing with the clothes? I know that’s my task this week. Besides convincing you to watch cool things with me.

    Comment by Katie — July 26, 2010 @ 11:52 | Reply

  2. I love how Operation Fun Citizen sounds like a direct translation of some Great Leap Forward initiative…..

    Comment by Ellen — July 27, 2010 @ 17:09 | Reply

    • We do have struggle sessions.

      Comment by lbej — July 27, 2010 @ 17:25 | Reply

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