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July 23, 2010

FSX Friday Update

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The week ended July 23 was a good one for the Family Stock Index.  The FSX easily outpaced the broader market, up 4.5% compared to 3.5% for the S&P 500, and with 18 of 20 components higher on the week.  The closing level of 983.14 represents a new one-month high and an advance of 10% from the July 2nd low.  Importantly, we showed considerable strength into the close, suggesting more fear on the part of shorts rather than longs heading into the weekend.  I believe that the psychologically important 1000 threshold on the FSX is solidly in play for next week.  Also, more companies reported decent earnings this week and fewer reported crummy earnings, if you’re into that sort of thing.


  • Marcus (MCS) +17% (Leading the pack for the second consecutive week, Marcus has jumped a bananas 36% from his low of $8.60 reached intraday July 7.  When you’re right, you’re right, and he’s right.  Sometimes the market is scary with what it knows and this is one of those times.)
  • LULU +10.4%, Zondro (ZN) +9.5%, and Marisa (MOLX) +6.9%  (There’s turning out to be a lot less war to the Pet Nasty War than expected.  Icarus was up only 3.5%, lagging the FSX, so I guess he just wishes he was here.)
  • LEE +8.6%  (People who don’t know me tell Katie I must be ecstatic to have learned this week that I’m going to have a son rather than a third daughter.  I didn’t think I cared one way or the other, but what do I know about my feelings?  More than Katie’s coworkers?  Yes.  More than the market?  Perhaps not.)
  • Mario (BRO) +6.5% (Warrants a mention here because he’s just a few cents away from a 52-week high, and the rest of us would have to jump 10% or more before we could say that.  What gives?  He was going to visit us, something that could only have improved his fortunes, so maybe the market bit on a head fake there.  Or maybe things are just going well overall.  That would be really boring, so I’m going with the head fake theory.)


  • Charlotte (BOOT) -16.6% (Much more fed up with those babies than anyone thought.  She bombed on earnings this week, too, or at least BOOT did.  Perhaps babysitting isn’t the kind of growth industry the market favors.  If Charlotte can just learn to make parts for the iPhone she should be set.  Babysitting in China might work too.)

The details:


Name 7/23/10 Change
Charlotte $15.75 -3.14
Dustin $38.63 +1.70
Icarus $9.85 +0.33
Jenny $14.93 +0.88
Justin $2.21 +0.14
Katie $11.33 +0.28
Lee $2.77 +0.22
Lisa $7.77 +0.42
Lucas $2.24 +0.00
Lulu $41.95 +3.95
Machis $8.61 +0.06
Marcus $11.70 +1.69
Mario $20.19 +1.24
Marisa $19.87 +1.28
Nicole B. $16.49 +0.88
Nicole L. $56.76 +2.60
Reagan $24.01 +1.53
Wilson $5.90 +0.11
Zero $0.39 +0.03
Zondro $4.94 +0.43

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