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July 20, 2010

Army Of Thirty-Nine Boxes

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If you have visited the Empire, you will know what a comic box is and that I have more than one.  I generally use short comic boxes which are each approximately 16 x 8 x 11 and house around 120 standard modern-size comic books in bags and boards.  I could pack more but then it’s hard to rifle through the box.  What’s the point of having all these comics if I can’t look through them and feel better about myself and my station?  I rent a climate-controlled storage unit to house the majority of my inventory and every three to six months I will take a carload of boxes over to storage.  This weekend several tasks that it would have served my overall organizational purposes to complete were forcibly tabled because there were too many comic boxes in the way.  So yesterday I cleared the dining room of everything other than a comic box so that I could create a comic box perimeter around the room, center myself within the perimeter, and execute a massive multi-box agglomeration.  It’s a complex operation involving dozens of feeder boxes, substage boxes, end-stage storage boxes, and long boxes for retention on site.  Naturally I had some misgivings last night when Reagan volunteered to get up early this morning to aid in the agglomeration.  I forcibly set aside my reservations and offered her a command in a new Army of Thirty-Nine Boxes (the number of first stage feeder boxes).  I’m usually forced to rely upon a levee en masse at the beginning of a new campaign, and so it is gratifying that Reagan would freely offer aid.  It was her suggestion that she work along the comic box perimeter and funnel the alphabetized comics to me for the final agglomeration.  So far we are progressing nicely.  We were through the Es with more than 25% of the total behind us before Reagan had a Silly Bandz trading emergency involving a neighbor.  The crisis seems to have passed because she has returned and, amazingly, still wants to help.  Onward then.



  1. I’m impressed! I think she may have been eager to wake up for other reasons this morning too though.

    Comment by Katie — July 20, 2010 @ 14:39 | Reply

  2. Reagan’s so cool.

    Comment by Charlotte — July 20, 2010 @ 18:46 | Reply

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