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July 16, 2010

FSX Friday Update

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Up-and-down week for the Family Stock Index, a fate it shared with the broader U.S. equity market.   Q2 earnings and 2H expectations gave a lift to the market earlier in the week, only to see that momentum stymied by lackluster financial company revenues and business prospects.  The S&P 500 slipped 1.2% on the week, but the FSX underperformed with a loss of 2.1%.  The FSX printed an encouraging 977 on Tuesday, but its Friday slide into a 940.46 close was anything but inspiring.  Late day selling on Friday gives me a bad feeling about next week.  I’m switching blood pressure medicines right now so maybe the bad feeling has something to do with that as well.

Advancers (7 out of 20)

  • Marcus (MCS) +11%  (The market consistently favors news that is bad but manageable over uncertainty.  If the current plan goes forward, pain may intensify but the drain will lessen.  The market is forward-looking, and no one has a better reason to face forward than Marcus.)
  • Justin (WOLF) +7.3%, Charlotte (BOOT) +4.1%, and LEE +1.6%.  (My siblings and I have had a lot of emotional and practical garbage to slog through over the past two months.  That we were the four top performers on the week for the first time ever may suggest that the market sees light at the end of the dead-mom tunnel.  Fingers crossed that it’s not a train.  I was performing far better on the week before I quit my beta blocker today and then tried to assemble a bed.  That was worth a 7% smackdown from the market.)

Decliners (13 out of 20)

  • Zondro (ZN) -6.8%  (I only want three things from a pet: no aggression towards people; no peeing in the house; and no pooping in the house.  Wilson is not the best on the pee/poop score, but he’s usually very deliberate and punitive about it.  That, at least, I can respect.  It earns him a beatdown, yes, but respect as well.  Zondro is taking the Shakira approach–wherever, whenever.  I’m not sure if he throws in some of the hip action but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.  My mother messed him up.  I am going to do my best to fix him, but if that fails, he’s going to get messed up in a different way.)
  • Lisa (KID) and Lucas (LEI), -8% and -11% respectively.  (Interesting that mother and son have been moving in tandem in recent weeks.  Maybe they’ve been bonding over the summer.)
  • ZERO -16% (The market wants this marriage thing to get done.  It wants Zero to be an Urrr.)

Fine print:


Name 7/16/10 Change
Charlotte $18.89 +0.74
Dustin $36.93 -0.40
Icarus $9.52 -0.24
Jenny $14.05 -0.52
Justin $2.07 +0.14
Katie $11.05 -0.35
Lee $2.55 +0.04
Lisa $7.35 -0.65
Lucas $2.24 -0.28
Lulu $38.00 -0.89
Machis $8.55 +0.04
Marcus $10.01 +0.98
Mario $18.95 -0.52
Marisa $18.59 +0.05
Nicole B. $15.61 -0.23
Nicole L. $54.16 -0.73
Reagan $22.48 -0.74
Wilson $5.79 +0.02
Zero $0.36 -0.07
Zondro $4.51 -0.33


  1. That I went up — for one of the first times, I want to say — actually made me feel better about this past week. But I think you’ve somehow created a hyper-sigil, or more properly some kind of mystical link between us and the stock market.

    Comment by Marcus — July 16, 2010 @ 22:49 | Reply

    • You bet I have. The two of us, especially–Marcus Corporation and Lee Enterprises–I mean, seriously? I didn’t have to lift a finger to make that happen.

      Comment by lbej — July 17, 2010 @ 09:25 | Reply

  2. I know, I really love this thing.

    Comment by Charlotte — July 17, 2010 @ 10:20 | Reply

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