Mr. Sensitive

July 12, 2010

War On Why

Filed under: Girls,House — lbej @ 12:45

Today’s action is centered on Jenny’s room, specifically the repatriation of furniture and clothing.  I have undertaken to clean and repair Jenny’s furniture so far as I am able.  I filled the bathtub with water and cleaning solution and there is paint in reserve.  I know better than to waste the girls’ time and my own with questions about the purpose of one instance of defacement or another.  When they do know they don’t say.  Instead I independently analyze the architecture of the offense so that I might make the ground itself unsuitable for the construction of any similar edifice of arrgh.  The problem I run into is that if Jenny doesn’t know that she shouldn’t write on her dresser drawers with a ballpoint pen, it could drive me to a retracing of educational steps ending inevitably in a state of parental paralysis.  What else have I failed to teach her?  What about looking both ways before crossing?  What about tying shoelaces?  What about chewing?  It’s too much to consider in amongst all these drawers to be emptied of hamster poop.  The other possibility, of course, is that Jenny knows full well that she shouldn’t write on the furniture.  That would be better for her.  But for her parents?  Perhaps not.  There’s no knowing, at least not until one of us relents and buys her a phone.


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