Mr. Sensitive

July 3, 2010

Pet Nasty War – Offensive Delayed

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The litter box transition is well underway, but the high command is acutely aware that advances into cat-held territory have been few, brief, and tentative.  The onus must ultimately be upon the party seeking to change the status quo; the animals need only to avoid defeat, and they can reach the same end regardless of whether they repulse an attack or they manage to dissuade me from launching one to begin with.  And this they have so far done with the aid of the gout.  As in the Nivelle Offensive of 1917, significant engagement has cost me far more every time than it has gained.  If I work for an hour, the swelling and pain becomes so severe that I’m put out of action half a day.  The territory I want is cat territory, and no less than a sustained effort will be sufficient to hold even the smallest gain.  While I can’t sustain efforts I can’t prosecute the Pet Nasty War.  It matters not the force I can bring to bear in an isolated attack–if I must recuperate, the animals can do so as well, and time is on their side.  So I am driven by need to turn inwards to the reordering of my own forces.  First, I have discontinued HCTZ.  The pharmacy notes actually say not to take it if experiencing a gout attack.  Several times I asked my doctor whether I might change medications to avoid these debilitating attacks, and he said no.  If and when I do pay him another visit, he’s going to have to explain this combination of error and dismissiveness.  He is misinformed or unengaged and I can tolerate neither.  So no more HCTZ.  Also, I’m going to try baking soda.  I know this is all chemistry but it feels like magic, and I hate magic.


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