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July 2, 2010

FSX Friday Update

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It comes right on the heels of the quarterly update, I know, but it was such a nasty week for the FSX that it warrants a post mortem of its own.  The Family Stock Index closed today at a new low of 894.14 after taking an 8.4% pounding over five brutal days that was notably worse than that suffered by market as a whole (S&P 500 -5%).  That suggests this week was appreciably worse than the third week of May, which is nonsense.  We are oversold, period.


  • ZERO +14.3% (This feels like the first swell portending a great flood.  At $0.40 and with a whopping 115 shares in the index, Zero could be this quarter’s Lucas.  Last quarter’s Lucas–Lucas–isn’t starting out so hot.)
  • Wilson (WILC) and Zondro (ZN) +1.4% (The pet conflict shows no sign of abatement.  I’m backing the cats and that’s all the market needs to get solidly behind the dogs.)


  • Marisa (MOLX) -7.5% and LULU -11.5%  (Litter box moved, Zondro getting bigger.)
  • Marcus (MCS) -13% (Uncertainty.  Oh so much uncertainty.)
  • Lucas (LEI) – 23% (The rest of us need to pull our own weight–point taken.)
  • And finally, LEE -22%.  (The Lexapro withdrawal isn’t fun and games and the current gout attack is now the longest and most painful I’ve had in three years, so 10 or 12 percent down would have been fair.  But this?  This is a vote of no confidence of the sort that brings down governments.  And you know what, Mr. Market?–I resent it.  There are some shorts out there who are going to get a gouty foot in the rear end when I find them.  You jerks better get ready to be squeezed.)

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