Mr. Sensitive

June 28, 2010

Marcus’ Problems – Solved

I figured it out today, what will make Marcus feel better: he needs a shiny thing to look at.  I’ve been polishing our silver over the last two weeks, and if I work very hard at the polishing it makes the silver very pretty and shiny.  I like having it around me, being pretty and shiny and nice.  I think I’m going to have Katie hide silver things around the house so that I can find them.  Like maybe in the linen closet in the bathroom.   Then I might just reach in to get a towel, only–egads!–out pops a beautiful shiny treasure just for me.  A fork, perhaps, or a cup, or if I’m having a really bad week, an etched serving tray.  There’s a pretty little silver bell on the table in front of me now, and I can tell you that it’s just lovely.  So Marcus needs a shiny thing, or more than one if he plans on being in several different rooms during the day.  If he doesn’t have any silver, a nice Joe Quesada wraparound chromium-cover comic should do the trick.  X-O Manowar #0 or Bloodshot #0, for example, or even Double Edge Omega.  Or perhaps a copy of the most beautiful thing ever created by human hands:

I have one but no one is allowed to touch it or see it, ever, including me.  So to sum up: you’re welcome, Marcus, for me just now fixing your life.

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