Mr. Sensitive

June 26, 2010

Exvasion – Hard Pressed

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The battle has been underway for more than an hour.  We were beset well before the posted yard sale start time and with more than half of our wares yet to display, and now our lines of communication and supply are strained.  The great drawback of leaving planning and execution to the Empress: procrastination.  I have said, “why didn’t you tell me you needed that?” more times already than I can count and the sun is not yet above the horizon.  We are beset and we need to go go go.  Katie and I are most strikingly at odds at such times as this, because I am of the hurry-up-then-wait persuasion and she flies the flag of wait-then-hurry-up.  Those among my readers who have seen the Empress in action also know that, for better or worse, she has one speed.  No matter whether haste is called for or not, Katie goes at the same pace, redoubtable when speed is not necessary but maddening when it is.  She’s like a human hourglass that way.  Still, I accept her organizational imperfections because she has two qualities essential for this morning’s task: aggression (such as hagglers exhibit) doesn’t rankle or intimidate her; and she conveys friendliness without seeming weak.  I believe that those attributes will carry the day.


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