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June 25, 2010

FSX Component Changes

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There are currently 19 component stocks in the Family Stock Index, representing 21 individuals.  After several months of tracking performance and, most importantly, trading volume, for the representative stocks, I decided to make changes.

Six were changed two weeks ago.  It would have been better for tracking purposes to wait for the end of the quarter to make the changes, but I didn’t.  What are you going to do about it?

  • Charlotte – changed from TATT to BOOT
  • Jenny – changed from TOOT to LEN
  • Justin – changed from THOR to WOLF
  • Lisa – changed from KG to KID
  • Mario the Younger – changed from BRTHY to BRO
  • Marisa – changed from HUN to MOLX

I’m standing pat on 10 more: Dustin (DST), Katie (KT), me (LEE), Lucas (LEI), Lulu (LULU), Mario the Elder & Ruby (RUBO), Marcus (MCS), Reagan (REGN), Wilson (WILC) and Zondro (ZN).  My thoughts on the fitness of those are as follows:

Lee Enterprises and Marcus Corporation are pretty much locked in, as is LULU.  If I can use the actual name it’s hard to justify not going with that.  Lucas Energy sticks around for the same reason, and LEI has also turned out to be an interesting stock to follow.  ZN was just added, and while I’m not sure I like it, I’m not sure I like Zondro either, so I’ll leave it as-is for now. WILC and DST are holdovers because I can’t find anything I like better, but I’m not strictly wedded to either of those.  RUBO stays in for now, although its average daily volume is on the lighter side of what I would like; I’ve increased its weight in the FSX because it represents two family members.  KT and REGN may be changed, but it’s looking like that will be later rather than sooner.  I’ve got until the middle of next week to make up my mind but I’m leaning towards keeping both.

So that means 16 stocks representing 17 individuals will be carried over into the third quarter.  What’s left?  The two Nicoles (NICE), Icarus (JDOG), and ZERO.  I need to finish my research but these three may be on the way out.

  • NICE has always been one of my least favorite stocks in the index.  If you know me at all you will understand at once why I would want to stop seeing that word in caps all the time.  NICE has lasted this long for no reason other than a lack of suitable alternatives.  I can’t find a stock I like to represent Justin’s Nicole, and I don’t know enough about Mario’s Nicole even to do the research.  I’m missing the little things for her like, for example, a surname.  The way Mario hides her I’ve come to think she’s either a box of gold or a box of snakes.  I’m hoping for the former; we’ve had enough snake boxes, thank you very much.  At any rate, I’ve got an idea for the Nicoles that I think will work out nicely.  Nicer than NICE, at least.
  • JDOG has got to go.  It’s a fun ticker but the darn thing just doesn’t trade.  I’ve spent a silly amount of time trying to find something better for Icarus, who is Justin’s daemon, after all (and don’t think I didn’t go down that path looking for a stock).  It looks like I’m going to have to settle, but maybe it’ll come to me before next week what I really ought to do.
  • Finally, ZERO.  This fits my first principle of FSX selection, use the actual name if you’ve got it.  The problem is that it’s less than $1, considerably less, and the trading dynamics and volatility of that market (it is a market unto itself) are just not what I want for the FSX.  I won’t swap out of ZERO unless I find something that fits Mr. Thow, and I haven’t found it yet, but I will pull the trigger on it the minute I do.

I will finish my research and make my selections for the start of Q3 this coming Thursday.  But the girls have left for Hilton Head with the hirsute half of the RUBO duo, and so it’s time for battle in the basement.  Good thing it’s only 89 degrees today.  You know, I meant that to be sarcastic but it’s actually not.



  1. Nicole’s last name is Liberi. The Empress could have told you that – she’s friends with her on Facebook!

    Comment by Mario — June 27, 2010 @ 07:53 | Reply

    • I like it. Sounds vaguely Roman. I’m sure I can do something with that.
      Katie probably did tell me, but once I hear the word Facebook I usually stop listening.

      Comment by lbej — June 27, 2010 @ 09:09 | Reply

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