Mr. Sensitive

June 21, 2010

Operation Mortal Coil – Center Cannot Hold

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Concluding operations begin today.  Over the weekend the Empress herself took the field to finish the sorting of photos and letters to save me from losing that battle.  I would be in her debt if it worked that way with us, but since we’re good, it doesn’t.  A final settlement is elusive but, in essence, I laid the grounds for armistice in this war when I realized on Friday that I couldn’t win.  I knew that intellectually, of course, and I said as much, but when it came to staying in the field or quitting it, I refused to quit.  It went badly last week, badly enough that I could see defeat is a real possibility.  That frightened me so that I came to my senses and called off the attack.  I have a great deal to lose, as I learned having nearly lost it all before.  So it’s over.  Mom can’t make it worse now but I still can if I fail to exercise the good judgment I possess.  I will never master my mother’s past and her stunted legacy, but it will never master me, either.  I will put it in its place.

Today, literally, I will put it in its place.  I have to give that aspect of it more thought, because I’m wary of the temperatures in the attic as regards storage of photos, but I really want all this stuff out of sight.  The office may be a longer-term solution but I have more immediate plans for it.  The dining room appears to be the best choice for the moment.  The problem there is an immediate logistical one in that it will need to be evacuated before it can be reordered, and that will not be quickly or easily accomplished.  My objective over the next three days will be to finally and fully retake the dining room.  I’m giving myself three days because my available force is not what I would want.  My center is doubtful and must be protected and my reserves are nearly spent.  I may have to turn to Gen. Jenny, if only to help blunt her sister’s constant simpering so that I can focus what strength I have left on my task.  Reagan is just so high-maintenance all the time, and if Jenny can help me limit the number of inexplicable meltdowns it could be the difference between success and failure.  I shall rouse them and see what develops.


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