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May 28, 2010

FSX Friday Update

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The Family Stock Index ended the week of 5/24-5/28 up 5.1% to 1028.37, a stellar performance in a flat though volatile U.S. market (SPX +1 point).  There are no guarantees, of course, but I’m out of parents now so a repeat of last week was fairly unlikely.  The FSX is down to 18 components from its original 20 and it may stay there for a little while.


ZERO +27.5% (I thought he was pretty courageous last week, so maybe this is a delayed reaction.)

Jenny (TOOT) +21.4% (She’s got some Steelers Silly Bands coming and she’s pretty darn excited about that.  Plus this dog thing isn’t stressing her nearly as much as it’s stressing me.)

LEE +8.6% (I survived a week in the Hole, at least before today’s sun poisoning.)


RUBO -3% (Moving furniture last night wore me out and I’m 32.  Mario isn’t 32, so the back may be a little sore today.)

KT -5% (She left me alone at Field Day for an hour and half surrounded by normal parents so that she could go to work–on her vacation–and that’s going to come due at some point.  This also might have something to do with the fact that the K in KT Corp stands for Korea, and that ain’t a happy place right now.)

The rest of the numbers:


Name 5/28/10 Change
Charlotte $7.35 $0.15
Dustin $38.32 $1.04
Icarus $0.05 $0.00
Jenny $0.34 $0.06
Justin $43.87 $2.89
Katie $18.61 -$0.98
Lee $3.40 $0.27
Lisa $8.67 $0.11
Lucas $1.67 $0.08
Lulu $40.86 $2.35
Machis $8.22 -$0.25
Marcus $10.95 $0.03
Mario $120.75 $1.00
Marisa $9.98 $0.98
Nicole $29.82 $0.39
Reagan $28.57 $1.43
Wilson $5.88 $0.14
Zero $0.51 $0.11


  1. I would really like some recognition for my stock. I’m not the biggest gainer or loser each week, but I’m consistent. I’m also worth about 50 percent of the rest of the FSX at this point. Maybe a special shout out to that next week?

    Comment by Mario — May 28, 2010 @ 19:01 | Reply

    • You’re worth 7.2% of the index. Because the price of BRTHY was high to begin with, fewer shares were bought into the index than lower priced stocks given the same initial weighting. And have you not noticed what I’m doing with your stock? Your performance is conspicuously consistent. Maybe you shouldn’t complain lest I remove your liquidity adjustment.

      Comment by lbej — May 28, 2010 @ 19:08 | Reply

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