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May 26, 2010

Too Much Two

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Back from the Hole.  Salvation Army coming tomorrow for furniture and bed.  Brought anti-reinforcements in the form of J&R because we’re running out of time and we couldn’t leave them.  Katie and I sorted through the enemy’s cars and books and found yet more family pictures and documents in them, so it was time well spent.  We also found a secret stash of Mom’s jewelry in her bedroom. We confirmed that she sold whatever would bring in quick $ but there looks to be some very Charlottey stuff left.  In the meantime J&R threw sand (from Slam Man) at each other and tracked it into the car and the house.  Then they made a sand grave (!) for Jo-Jo, who is I suspect is still in the ocean.  Then R hit J with her yearbook and J drew all over R with a marker.  A mutually reinforcing meltdown ensued and is continuing into its second hour even now.  I hate this day and I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the sand.  Here’s a picture taken before the downward spiral began:

The tally so far:

Laptops: 1

Rings of Power: 1

Watches that don’t keep time: 5+

Bullets: 50

Gold bars: 0

Jenny is the winner.  Take a gander.

That is a bottle of sand and, no, you can’t have it.


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