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May 26, 2010

The Merciful Act Isn’t Always The Sympathetic Act

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Just an aside during the TWO HOURS every day I can’t listen to my local NPR station lest my mind should be overthrown.  I’m talking about the Diane Rehm Show, on WFDD from 10:00 to 12:00 every weekday morning.  I am very sorry about whatever the hell is wrong with Ms. Rehm that has caused her voice to become so seizure-inducing.  But let’s not make this about her, heroic person that I’m sure she is.  Let’s make it about Tim Duncan.

Tim Duncan is a great basketball player, one of the 50 greatest in NBA history.  Besides being tall, long, and athletic, he works incredibly hard and has tremendous basketball knowledge and acumen.  But to play basketball in the NBA, Tim Duncan has to be able to run and jump.  Well.  If he breaks both his legs today, do you think he’s going to be at midcourt in a wheelchair for tonight’s tip?  Of course not.  He will be just as knowledgeable, hard-working, and deserving of praise, but he will be all those things while sitting on the bench because he can’t run or jump.  You would feel terrible for him while he sat there watching the game and wishing he could be a part of it, but the coach still wouldn’t put him in.  And wouldn’t it be horrifying and scandalizing if the coach did put wheelchair-bound Tim into an important game, even if there was no chance of further injury?  He would be embarrassing himself and making it harder for his teammates to do their jobs.  It would be a ridiculous spectacle and shameful for anyone who could have put a stop to it and didn’t.

Well, that’s what NPR is doing, my local station and I don’t know how many others.  Diane Rehm has a national talk show and she can’t talk. It’s not inspirational, it’s ridiculous, and shame on NPR for letting it continue.  This debacle will be part of Ms. Rehm’s legacy now and it’s NPR’s fault.   If the management of NPR cared about anything other than public image they would do the right thing and retire Ms. Rehm with honor.  Too bad they don’t.


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