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May 26, 2010

Resolution – Day Two

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Limited operations in the Hole today.  I have my annual physical with the doctor at 10:00.  His practice discharged Mom to her own care when we took her last and she died less than two days later, so this could be an interesting visit.  If I get a clean bill of health I’ll probably head straight to the emergency room.

Transported another load last night but there is much more to go.  It is important that this work be finished.  I know the enemy will leave Mom’s house in disrepair, sending his “helpers” (his words) to take only his stupid cars and pictures of himself.  He has stated his intentions as such.  That’s what he did as her husband: he took what he wanted, first and always, and gave in return only what was necessary to keep the tendrils attached.  He won’t care what it would mean to leave her affairs in ruin so long as he gets what’s his.  But I do care, very much.  To stand by and allow the enemy to sack the house would be disrespectful to Mom’s landlord, a lady who was kind to Mom and has been extremely respectful towards her family.  Furthermore, it would be dishonorable.  I don’t stand to gain anything, but I’ll be damned if I lose any part of my honor – there will be no way to recover it in the future if I don’t do the right thing now.  I am the head of the family and I will do this the right way.  It will take whatever it takes.

Essentially all that hasn’t been declared and removed so far will be packed up and donated to Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity.  Katie knows a music teacher through her work who is interested in using the piano to teach children how to play, and is lining up folks to move it out of the house.  Looks like we may net zero on it (I thought Mom bought it new but apparently I was very wrong), but I’m pleased with its potential destiny and quite accustomed to getting nothing.  The other furniture will just need to go, however that can be achieved.  I will bring this to an end the best way I can.  And then, I think, I will have nothing to say about it for a long time.


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  1. It’s been called to my attention today that we are no longer allowed to use personal computers at work, which means I may not have this job for too much longer. If I could dare bring myself to lose thousands of dollars on a stupid principle based on boredom, then I’ll head down to Winston immediately. However, that’s probably not the surest of ideas. I do know that I wish I had more time to help with the house. And whatever furniture and paintings and other items we decided to take with us we will be picking up when Justin comes in July. No idea yet how we’ll get it, but I’m hoping for the best.

    Maybe there’s a way to get the enemy to pay me to be an actual “helper.” Then I could quit my job and complete Operation Resolution with you.
    You are a man of real honor, but even those men shouldn’t have to do this alone. I’m glad I even had one day to help. Of course I wish there was more.

    Comment by niceowl — May 26, 2010 @ 10:24 | Reply

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