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May 14, 2010

FSX Friday Update

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The Family Stock Index recovered almost all of the prior week’s losses, soaring 5.2% for the five days ended May 14.  The FSX continues to outperform the broader market, with the S&P 500 up only 2.2% on the week.  This outperformance isn’t simply a matter of a concentration of high-beta stocks, as it occurs in down as well as up markets.  Exemplary excellence (or excellent exemplementarity) is the only reasonable conclusion that one can draw.  Or it could be luck.

Top three:

  • Jenny (TOOT) +52% (The market is excited that she has assumed Imperial chief-of-staff duties.)
  • Reagan (REGN) +16% (The market is excited that Jenny has assumed Imperial chief-of-staff duties and Reagan can focus on insane doll parties.)
  • Ruby & Mario (RUBO) +10.8% (New house renovations proceeding apace, perhaps?)

Bottom three:

  • Lisa (KG) -6.7% (I think I need a new stock for Lisa when I rebalance the index at the end of the quarter; I’ve never been really happy with this one.  Any suggestions?)
  • ZERO -8.5% (I think he’s playing possum.  Or opossum).
  • Lucas (LEI) -11.9% (Probably just booking some gains; stock is still up 157% quarter-to-date.)

Here is the detail for the week:


Name 5/14/10 Change
Charlotte $7.28 $0.18
Dustin $39.92 -$0.16
Icarus $0.05
Jenny $0.35 $0.12
Jo-Jo $29.53 -$0.73
Justin $41.06 $2.25
Katie $21.36 $0.41
Lee $3.50 $0.10
Lisa $8.95 -$0.64
Lucas $1.99 -$0.27
Lulu $39.37 $3.55
Machis $8.49 $0.83
Marcus $12.12 $0.59
Mario $118.75 $1.00
Marisa $9.87 -$0.05
Nicole $31.33 $2.82
Reagan $27.37 $3.79
Wilson $5.81 $0.39
Zero $0.43 -$0.04

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